Two quick-hit DVD reviews

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


"The Wrestler" (R, 2008): I'd heard so much about Mickey Rourke's performance, I had to see it. Sure it's an intense performance, but I was more mesmerized by how Randy "Ram" Robinson and his fellow professional wrestler opponents went over their "spots" before their matches; how Ram soiled a chance to reconnect with his estranged adult daughter on a long-term basis in exchange for a one-night stand; how he was this close to making the right choice for his health by staying retired; Marisa Tomei's beautiful naked, middle-aged body ... (Oops. How did that thought sneak in here?! Moving on.) The cinematography looks like a professional director filmed it, but spliced the scenes together so it intentionally looks like a low-budget independent film. Grade: B-


"The Dukes of Hazzard" (PG-13, 2005): Fans of the TV series will see it all: Bo Duke sliding across the hood of the General Lee, burning arrows shot from crossbows, Boss Hogg trying to capture Uncle Jesse's land, inept police pursuits, the General Lee doing what the General Lee does best, Cletus working his mechanic miracles, the "Daisy Dukes" ... But there's just enough new twists added to give this film adaptation some freshness: Bo talking to the General Lee, Luke Duke as a horndog, just to name a few. I'm no language saint (to quote one of my favorite fictional P.I.s), but having Willie Nelson's Uncle Jesse and Burt Reynold's Boss Hogg curse was just too much. Thank goodness there's finally a TV show-turned-movie that tries to respect the original material and doesn't feel presssured to be a tongue and cheek comedy ("The Brady Bunch," "Starsky & Hutch"). Overall, it's a guilty pleasure that's a good 'ol time. Grade: A- (Yes, you read that correctly!) 



does anyone know next court appearance ?