About 'Cary's Crime Craze' 2.0

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


And you thought I forgot about this blog ...


Not at all. What you're reading is the "new look" for both the Norwalk Reflector blogs and "Cary's Crime Craze." To make a long story short, some bad spam (is there such a thing as "good" spam?) got attached to the old version and basically blackballed it from the Internet. So the Internet gang in Sandusky revamped it ... and voila!


In the meantime, I had a few a-aha moments. Not knowing if I'd ever see this "CSI" blog again, I decided I had more to say about the comic book industry than the 140 characters would allow me on the microblogging site Twitter. (You can follow my tweets -- Reflector story links, promos for my blog links and my thoughts on comics, superhero films, KISS, David Bowie and the Washington Redskins -- by going to this link.)


So I created a comic book-specific blog, called "Cary's Comics Craze." (Go here to access it.) Sure it has "csa4batman" in the Web address, so it will be Batman-heavy with content, but there's much more -- basically my printed column, except without the news portion. (Update: I have created a new version of CCC at caryscomicscraze.blogspot.com)


Unlike the print version of CCC, the online variation is purely my opinions. I cover the comic book industry, superhero films as well as related animation and DVDs. Lately I've posted blogs with reviews of the first two issues of Grant Morrison's new BATMAN AND ROBIN series, the "Green Lantern: First Flight" DVD and made predictions based on the leaked "Iron Man 2" Comic-Con footage, just to name a few things. In addition, I'm posting the current print version of CCC every other Thursday, the same day it's on the Reflector's editorial page (A-4). And since the print CCC columns from a little more than a year ago never made it to the Reflector's Web site (due to an order from On High to limit to what was going online), I've sporadically been posting "CCC flashbacks;" they'll continue until I'm up-to-date.


Generally I'm posting a couple to several times a week, some times a few times daily. So the new CCC is a busy place. I also think it's a fairly cool place to get a dedicated fanboy's unadulterated POV.


Come check it out. I'd love for you to bookmark it and link to it --- www.csa4batman.blog.com. Read it. Post comments (no one has so far!). Most of all, enjoy it.


As far as this "CSI"-based CCC, the comics stuff is gone -- at least any new postings. The previous postings still exist; you can put a keyword into the search engine on the top right of your screen or click "Cary's Crime Craze" at the top middle to access them. (I've even posted links with one- to two-sentence recaps at my new comics blog and have even reposted some of those blogs in their entirety.) If you can't find something on this particular blog, be patient. I'm at the tail end of getting all the material from the original CSI-based CCC reposted here.


So what now? It's simple, if you want to read or yack about the original "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (and occasionally check my infamous quick-hit DVD reviews), this is the place to be. I'll be posting usually every Friday after Thursday's show.


I'll be here after this season's premiere (9 PM Sept. 24 on CBS). Will you? I sure hope so.


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