Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Obviously, the biggest buzz recently with Cavs fans has been the mega-deal that brought Shaquille O'Neal to Cleveland.

Gotta admit I'm kinda pumped about the Big Guy coming to The Q. As I tweeted to Shaq on my Twitter account: "Welcome to Cleveland. You and LeBron should make quite the pair. Here's hoping you can help the Cavs get to & win the Finals."

So why might a comic book columnist/blogger be writing about basketball?

(Pauses. Thinks. Scratches head. Gives up. Shrugs shoulders.) Because it has to do with comics — of course!

The dreaded Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard might be nicknamed "Superman," but Shaq has a Superman shield tattooed on his left bicep. Besides, Shaq's played him. Or at least a version of the Man of Steel.

Yes, I'm talking about that, er, perfectly horrible "Steel." The 1997 movie served only two purposes: To take advantage of the character's short-lived popularity from the "Reign of the Supermen" storyline in the various SUPERMAN titles after Supes died (temporarily) and 2) take advantage of Shaq's popularity.

Just how bad is "Steel?" For the sake of journalism honesty, I must admit I've never seen the entire thing; but heck, who would do it — and then admit to it? Let's just say I've gotten suckered into it a couple times at different times when it's played on TV to wonder what Hollywood brain-child ever thought this material looked promising.

Shaq's always had a superhero mojo. He expressed interest in being in the second "X-Men" film and the Warner Bros. animated series "Static Shock" was supposed to have O'Neal and Superman meet in a Season 3 episode, but that never happened.

And what's the superhero connection for LeBron, the original Cavs superstar?

POWERade Athletic Club and DC Comics launched an online comic/animated adventure "King James" back in the fall of 2005. Sounding like something snagged from a discarded Saturday morning cartoon storyline or a comic destined for the 10-cent bin, James "uses his basketball skills to right the wrongs of an evil organization bent on world domination," according to this IGN Comics account.

OK, so both LeBron's and Shaq's forays into the superhero genre have been big, fat bombs. Let's hope what could be the NBA's next Dynamic Duo can use their super powers (and egos) for good and bring home a title — or two.



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