What a finish for Season 8 of 'Dancing With The Stars'!

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Congrats to Olympic Gymnast! She deserved it. Better freestyle choices by Melissa (Tony, really) and/or French Guy might have brought different results. ( Like Dancin' Queen's take: This will go as the "What-Was-Tony-Thinking free style." ) PYT was a good pick for Olympic Gymnast's dance last night. It probably was my fav from them this season. And whereas the other two could only match their scores (30) with the repeat dances, she actually had room to improve, which she did! Before discussing the returning celebs, I must give props to Roastmaster General. His top 8 quips, IMO: No. 8: Dancing With The Vaguely Familiar No. 7: Lil' Kim doing DWTS for community service No. 6: Go-Go Dancer looks like a hooker on Battlestar Galactica No. 5: Every time they said 'Action!' Bimbo started taking off her clothes No. 4: French Guy may not have had the biggest role but he had the biggest part No. 3: The finalists - The Underage, The Unwed and The Unpronounceable No. 2: Wouldn't it be ironic if Melissa came in second on this show, too? And the No. 1 roast from last night: Labels for the judges - Smokin' Croakin' and Flamin' Liked the smack talk with the finalist - so out-of-character for them. They must have had fun trying to be serious. Best line: French Guy to Melissa - "Take this rose; Im taking the trophy." Here's a quick review of the returning celebs, in order of their performances (which was the order of their getting the boot) : Go-Go Dancer - Why does she keep doing THAT dance. Ugh! Charlie's Ex - Nice quick step. Bimbo - Improvement. Bill Gates' Rival - If it was a wedding, I'd say, 'Look at Uncle Steve. He can MOVE!" DAG - Is he becoming a Wayans brother? MTV Jack--- This time, he didn't miss the step when sitting down. LT - Noted Emmitt and Not Jason Taylor cracking up. BTW - what was LT trying to say about Edyta's husband? Julianne's Boyfriend - I saw red. Black Barbie - LOVED that Jail House Rock performance. Loved it the first time, during the encore and again last night. Rodeo Dude - Nice to see him and Chelsea performing again. Congrats to Anna, the new dance pro. Glad the voters said 'Hold the Mayo!' (Had to use that one last time). Felt sorry for Lady GaGa. The economy is taking its toll on everyone. I guess she can only afford pants that have just one leg and are a size or three too small. And Alice Cooper must be looking for extra cash too, what with him obviously doing Lady GaGa's makeup and all. So that's it! Please share your thoughts about the finals, the season and anything else DWTS related. What celebs would you like to see on Season 9, beginning in September? This fall, we'll resume this blog. Until then, have a great summer!


Dancin' Queen

Loved both Gilles and Shawn in those final moments before the win. If it could have been a tie I would have been happy! They both did such a fantastic job all year long and both are fabulous dancers. But Gilles was going against DWTS history in that the "better" dancer rarely wins (ie Drew over Mario, Helio over Mel B)....AND the freestyle makes you or breaks you (Drew over Mario) and peaking at the right time (Kelli over John)is everything. Shawn improved, peaked and had the freestyle of the century! You go girl!!! :):) She earned that win!

Loved Mark's reaction at the win....both looked shocked but he was absolutely STUNNED!

As far as the show went....HATED the roast-master....he was very rude and crude...and I hope this roasting portion gets cooked next year. Also Lady (?) Ga Ga needs to be gone gone...is this someone even remotely popular? I think hiring a garage rock'n'roll band would have been better music. What was DWTS thinking??????

Other than those two mishaps....the show was fun and liked that 3rd place stuck around for most the show. Last 2 years they have knocked 3rd out early on.

Glad Anna won the pro status--will be fun to see her next season esp. since Julianne is taking a hiatus. And speaking of next year....celeb choices:
1. Andre Agassi
2. Patrick Stewart
3. Valarie Bertninilli

Thanks again Matt for the fun forum to post on. See everyone next season!!! :)

YAY SHAWN!!!!!!!!!!

Dancin' Queen

Yay Helio for winning the Indy 500 yesterday! :):)

Matt Roche

The cast was announced today for “Dancing With the Stars” Season Nine, which begins Sept. 21. Click here to read the bios of the celebs and share your take. Thanks!