Olympic Gymnast the one to beat on Dancing With The Stars

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


What a freestyle! Olympic Gymnast delivered BIG TIME. Loved LOVED that routine. Fun song. Fun to watch. VERY energetic. And the precision and synchronicity - WOW! As for the other two, I totally agreed with the judges. As I was watching Melissa, I was reminded of the early 90s club scene. It was OK. Tapped into her cheerleading / hip-hop background. Didn't deliver the WOW factor. LOL at Tom on Tony's Speedo knitting. And LOL at Bruno's rendition of the running man dance move. As for French Guy, I was thinking there's an awful lot of Cheryl dancing and a lot of him chasing her. And then Bruno and Carrie Anne called them out on it: More dancing was needed on his part. As for the Paso face-off, all three should've received 30s. I didn't care for the contemporary tune, but they excelled in the performance. Each judge awarded a 10 to the celeb they coached. BTW - when Carrie Anne visited Melissa and started counting while demonstrating moves, I was reminded of the "Hannah Montana" cameo when she fell out the window. Noted all the cameos: Baby Cakes, Skater Dude, Emmitt and Not Jason Taylor, Cover Girl, etc. Who else did you notice? What is your prediction for tonight? I'll leave you with Skater Dude's words to Olympic Gymnast: "There has never been an Olympian in the finals who hasn't won it."


Dancin' Queen

WOW! I've just gone to youtube and watched Shawn and Mark again (3 times!). That was the most amazing, creative, fun freestyle I have EVER seen on DWTS. Cheryl/Drew has always been my benchmark freestyle and this surpassed that by leaps and bounds. Just AMAZING!!!

Since everyone had equally horrible music and costumes...it was hard for me to get beyond that. Fortunately it was over quick so we could get to the................

Knew SOMEONE was going to do hip-hop but I would have bet the bank on Shawn/Mark NOT Melissa/Tony. This will forever be known as "What was Tony thinking????" freestyle. With all the talents Melissa has...???? She puts about 10 kicks in every other routine...maybe a moulin' rouge freestyle would have worked better?? I hate hip hop....and even tho lots of former contestants have performed it for their freestyle I always have my "cringe" factor in Hi Def. Compared to previous DWTS hippers....(Apollo/Julianne...Mario/Karina) this was very so-so and def. NOT THEIR STYLE. What was Tony thinking????

Gilles/Cheryl. I liked it alot. I thought the retro thing worked. They probably thought they would hit a chord with us who grew up with Flashdance....it worked for me. I think it would have been the top pick of the night if they hadn't run into the "Freestyle of the Century" (Shawn Express).

Before the Freestyle round I would have picked Gilles to win the Mirror Ball. But IMHO Shawn won this competition with that incredible freestyle. ALL of my votes went to her last night. And for the first time I used my cell phone...I usually only vote online. I usually split my votes among the celebs I think did best that night. Last night no splitting. All to Shawn. She is my pick for the winner. Gilles second and Melissa third.

This has been my favorite season. This was SO MUCH FUN!


Like your take, Dancin' Queen - best freestyle in DWTS history.

And LOL at "the "What was Tony Thinking?" label for that freestyle. Until this season, he's never been a great one for choreography IMO. He did much, much better this season, but then choked under pressure with that routine.

I'm hoping Olympic Gymnast takes the trophy. She was my preseason pick and his fun to watch.

Let's hear from the rest of you guys.

BTW - there recently was some Trojan horse / virus issue affecting the platform for the Reflector's blogs. Is anyone who uses a PC having problems getting on and commenting?

Woz Warrior

I only use Macs - OBVIOUSLY!


I will first admit I have watched a total of about 3-1/2 minutes of this show in all the years it has been on TV. So I have no idea who any of these people are.

I will secondly admit that I probably don't watch because I'm jealous as anything at their dancing ability, of which I have none -- or at least not any that ANYONE would want to watch.

William and Mary set a new record for the most people dancing at one time to "Thriller" -- now THAT'S dancing. Crazy college kids anyway...

Lastly, I'll say I've watched Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, and that's the last word on dancing, period.

Thanks, Matt, for your enjoyable posts on this entertaining show.


Hey, Woz, I've got a truckload of busted Mac's I'll sell you -- cheap.

Seriously, Apple won't back them up, even when the machines are practically DOA right out of the box.

I'll stick with PC for now -- at least I don't have to eject a CD by throwing it in the trash.

Dancing Newbie

Before last night's show I was pretty sure French Guy was going to win, I even posted that after last weeks show. After last night's show I'm going to say Olympic Gymnast is going to win, she did an awesome job with her freestyle job!

I think Tony was trying to please the judges with the freestyle and was trying to make it exciting. From the clip they showed from season two the freestyle he did was too boring.

I'm going to say Melissa will come in third, French Guy will come in second, and Olympic Gymnast will win!

PS Matt I haven't had any trouble with my computer or getting on this blog.