Happy trails to Rodeo Dude on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


It was a wild ride for Rodeo Dude, but in the end the three most talented celebs made the finals on "Dancing With The Stars." Justice was served! And what a finals it should be! French Guy, Melissa and Olympic Gymnast have vastly different backgrounds and personalities, but all have the ability to capture that coveted Mirror Ball trophy. Who is your pick and why? Please share what it would take for each to win it all. As for our own competition, BarB has joined Cheryl and Julianne as a two-time DWTS champ. She successfully defended her crown of prediction by guessing those three would make the finals way back in Week 1. Here's a look back at that post - see how you fared. BTW - BarB is not alone in correctly picking those three, as that post shows. Alicia Aguilar, Cary, Dancing Newbie, Marie, SusanSahiba and yours truly all said we expected to see French Guy, Melissa and Olympic Gymnast in the finals! So, in the interest of breaking a tie, I invited all to guess a champ, runner-up and third-place finisher. As for last night's show, I enjoyed the pro competition. Hold the Mayo! Hope Anna wins it. Even if it's only because I don't want Len showing his bum in the supermarket. BTW - she's only 21? Really? DWTS hit a home run with that design-a-dance. That was fun to watch. The opening act started strong but then tired. All in all, a good results show. MY TAKE: I'll go out on a limb, break conventional wisdom and predict Olympic Gymnast wins it all thanks to a stellar freestyle choreographed by Mark (with behind-the-scenes help from Derek.) French Guy finishes runner-up and Melissa a close third. My reasoning there is that the guys usually get more votes, and Cheryl knows what it takes to win the finals. YOUR TAKE: Now it's your turn. Please post comments below.


Woz Warrior

I'm looking forward to tonight.
IMO Giles is the best dancer.
IMO Melissa will get the most votes.

Alicia Aguilar

I'm trying to decide whether to use my heart or my brains in my prediction. It's a hard decision. Should I use the opinion of my 13yr old daughter? Hmmm. Questions, questions! Well here goes my answer:

Giles is going to take it -- he can dance flawlessly when he sets his mind to it.

Melissa will be second -- I really want her to win (The Bachelor anger leftover) - but apparently her feet don't cut it w/ a certain judge

Precious Ms. Johnson -- What a doll! She lacks a little finesse in the finer ballroom dances - but I think she rocks the quickstep dances.

That was my brain on dwts. My heart would want it differently -- GO MELISSA -- show Jason why he sucks!