End of the wild ride for Rodeo Dude on DWTS?

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


If things go as expected, Rodeo Dude will depart tonight, leaving French Guy, Melissa and Olympic Gymnast in next week's finals. But do things ever go as expected on "Dancing With The Stars"? So the question begs to be asked: Can Rodeo Dude survive one more elimination and -- if so -- who would be sacrificed at his expense? Please share your thoughts on this at the end of the post. Now, on to last night's performances, in order of the celeb's appearances: Melissa - Great, great musicality with the quick step. Excellent footwork. Agreed with Tom: "Even I almost booed you (Bruno)." Also agree with Jennifer that Carrie Ann hates Melissa. Not joyful? Soul not into it? Did we watch the same dance? Kudos to Len for telling like it was and awarding the deserved 10. Their cha-cha also was enjoyable, though not as great as their first dance. And the always-critical-Carrie Ann has some dig, of course. BTW - that was cool DWTS got to interview her parents when "The Bachelor" could not. French Guy - Jonathan's training tips paid off, I see. While watching his waltz, I was kind of bored. It seemed too simple, though technically sound. But I knew it would be "oh so moving" for Carrie Ann. And it was for her. The excessive praise from the other two judges kind of surprised me. As for his salsa, I liked it much better. That was definitely worth three 10s. Olympic Gymnast - Nice to see the 30 with the Argentine tango. It was deserved. Weird music, but a great performance. She and Mark captured the character of the dance. Incredible lifts, precise movements. Fun to watch. I liked their jive, though again I must agree with Len that their was not enough traditional jive steps - especially the leg kicks. But as for Carrie Anne's "going through mud" quip, methinks she needs some medication. Roedo Dude - I liked seeing Len defending him. That waltz caused a Len vs. Bruno spat that nearly led to Great Brittan invading Italy. I didn't mind watching the waltz, and it was appropriately scored. As for the samba, it was fun. A great effort. But I can't help but feel a little anxious watching him dance, worrying whether he is going to mess up and get slammed by the judges. It takes away some of the joy watching him and Chelsie perform. Tom - I know. He's not a dancer. But he was especially on with his humor last night. Two best lines: "I wouldn't jump too much in that dress, Samantha." and (to Melissa and Tony) "Watching both of you smile, it's almost blinding with the tooth enamel." He also did a nice job handling the "kids" during their squabble. YOUR TAKE - So now it's time to say goodbye to someone. Who goes home? Are you looking forward to seeing Maks and Kym (Mayo must have made it to the finals, huh?) performing with the male and female pro prospects. Please share your thoughts.


Dancin' Queen

Fun show last night!!! :) My favorite dance of the nite was Cheryl and Gilles waltz. To quote Carrie Anne, "It brought me to tears." The dancing was soulful and exquisite but equally complimented by the wonderful song...which I have never heard before...does anyone know the title and artist?

Shawn's tango -- way too cool!! As always--they get hit with weird music but they make it work. Kudos! Jive costumes--way too cute...but agree with judges--not enough jive. A few moves were stolen from Kristi and Marks jive from a few seasons back (which is btw, my all time fave dance on DWTS).

Liked the extras tonight..the spotlight on the 'breakthrough' dances...and the dancers thoughts on their progress. Also liked the "home town" up close and personals...all the stars are so sweet and likable it's hard to let one go each week.

Going home tonight? Melissa
She needed to have a break out week to beat the Ty Express....and I don't think it was enough.

Dancin' Queen

PS IF TY SURVIES....I think it would be fun if they announced him first....just to let the other 3 sweat it out. ;)

Dancin' Queen

SURVIVES (forgot the spell check! haha)


Bold prediction, Dancin' Queen. But you could be right about Melissa.

And I agree - that would be great if they announced Ty first. And even if she isn't the one going home, Melissa still should have to wait until the end. ABC loves the drama and emotion she brings.

BTW - Did anyone notice Chelsie doing the team dancing in the beginning, then running up the stairs to walk down with Rodeo Dude. Then rushing off to change and get a new hairdo before the interviews and dancing. Whew!


The song was Come Away With Me by Norah Jones.


hhb - thanks for answering Dancin' Queen's question about the waltz song. Any guesses about tonight?

Dancin' Queen

Thanks hhb! Beautiful song!!!

Dancing Newbie

I didn't get a chance to post about last weeks show..what a shocker with Little Kim going home! I wasn't a big Little Kim fan so I wasn't upset to see her leave.

I really enjoyed last night's show. I thought all the couples did a great job. I agree that Melissa didn't have the most exciting dances but I think she has a HUGE fan base and it will be Rodeo Dude going home tonight. It seems like the judges love French Guy and I'm going to predict that he's going to win next week. It seems like no hard Melissa and Olympic Gymnast try they can't beat him.

Matt I agree with your comments about Tom, he was on his toes last night and said a lot of funny things.