Of bar fights and undercover biker babes going boom

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Go Hodges!


Did you notice he ran to Wendy's rescue when the biker babe mouthed off at her? (I didn't figure her for being undercover.) Good for the writers — they didn't gloss over his infatuation with the crime lab hottie.


"Who says chivalry's dead?," Hodges tell Simms after getting head-butted. "It's not, but it's got a busted nose," she says.


Awww. How sweet. :)


• That was no regular bar fight. I still don't understand the suspects' motive. SPOILER: Guess it had to do with them discovering he was an undercover cop. I wish that had been further developed. The story felt like it ended abruptly.


• Was the bar floor still bloody when Greg was crawling around, acting out the fight? Grrrross.


• Langston: "I think this is the first time I've been envious of crime scene evidence."


I love this guy. Last week, we learn he's a bluesman, now a biker dude! He's becoming more fascinating the more we found about him. I don't think the writers gave us enough personal stuff — not that I wanted a lot — about Grissom over the years.


• Don't like knowing that Brass committed adultery. And having his ex-lover be the culprit was — you got it — not a surprise. I did however LOVE the undersheriff's reaction to her seeing Brass and hugging him when she was notified about her husband's death.


• BTW, as much as I think the undersheriff is a creep, he handled the "notification" by the book. Norwalk Police Officer Dave Ditz once told me police are trained to share the death of a loved one straightforward; the undersheriff used almost the exact phrase Ditz told me is best to use, if memory serves me correctly.


• Did anybody else see the car bomb coming? I mean come on, the camera sticking on the car for an extended amount of time was a, er, dead giveway. (Didn't mean to have a pun — I promise! Readers: Yeah, right.)



"When nobody saw nothing, somebody saw something". That line from Brass was so true but you know the bikers are going to stick together no matter what. But the line nearly gave me the feel of what we talked about on the last post about the funny one liners from Grissom that are non-existent now.

I found it pretty far off when Langston found the bag of knives down the alley. Come on, the cops were there within "one minute" of the call. Who had time to go around to all the stabbers and bag up the knives and then head on down the road to ditch them. I didn't see anyone leave but I guess they don't show everything!

Maybe I missed something but what about the guy on the bike that the cop's car hit when they were trying to escape. Was there never a mention of him?

I was saddened by the relationship of Brass and a married woman too. Does not seem like his style. Must have gotten caught up in something. It was kind of weird though and even when Catherine said that he now has a reason to recuse himself they still did not really take him off the case.

On your comment of Langston, they really are giving us a more personal side than with most of the team. Years ago we knew a lot about Catherine, her daughter and father. But most of the rest nothing. Would not mind knowing a bit more of Nick's personal side and did I mention I love his new hair (or lack thereof) style?

Over all it was a pretty good episode but lots of inconsistencies. Guess maybe I read too much into it.


Brass' "when nobody saw" line is a true-ism for all crimes when no witnesses want to say what happened. I don't necessarily consider it a funny one-liner; it's more of a before-the-break zinger. That's just semantics, really.

I agree with you on the disposing of the knives. It was a bit too convenient of a discovery. What was with the writers and wrapping things up too quickly with this episode? The pacing near the end just seemed rushed. Maybe eliminating the Brass affair subplot could have helped. You're right — again! They DIDN'T take Brass off the case.

Not into the smooth-headed Nick. The high and tight 'do looks better IMO.