DWTS SHOCKER - Bionic booty booted

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Well that was an unexpected ending on "Dancing With The Stars." But that's OK, because neither Black Barbie nor Rodeo Dude was headed to the finals. (Secretly I'm glad she's gone because she was the only real threat remaining to upset by Week 1 final three prediction of French Guy, Melissa and Olympic Gymnast!) Great show Tuesday. Couldn't fast-forward any part of it. Jamie Cullum's cover tune was decent, while the accompanying quick-step couple were great. BTW - I noted the lift. It would have been a perfect score otherwise. LOL. LOVED Dance Center, as always. LOL at Mark being labeled "Nuts." Agree. And LOL at Melissa "getting dumped on national TV" and her "excellent use of denim." Interesting star thing. Jake Ryan still has ADD, I see. But his samba was solid. Good job there, Afton. The choreography with Balloon Lips Lisa was a little different than we're used to seeing, so kudos to Mayo there. BTW - Carrie Anne seemed exceptionally critical of that duo - is there some history with her and Balloon Lips I don't know about? As for World's Fastest Man, their tango was OK, pretty good actually, but because of the way World's Fastest Man improved -- at least in terms of what we were used to seeing last seeing -- Anna gets my vote as this week's winner. I still think Afton will win the overall competition, and deservedly so. YOUR TAKE - Now, what do you all think of Rodeo Dude sticking around another week? And, more importantly, please share what you think it would take for each of the four semifinalists to win the Mirror Ball trophy? I look forward to your responses below.


Dancin' Queen

Wow! What a shocker! I'm VERY disappointed Kim won't be in the semi's. It would have been rockin' to have the top 4 best couples going out at each other. Kim had become my personal favorite and I was rooting for her to win. Of all the couples--I thought she was the most creative and fun to watch. And of course having Derek as her partner didn't hurt. Again--I'm very sorry to have her leave at this point.

But I'm sure at this point Gilles, Shawn and Melissa are probably shakin' in their cowboy boots as they now know for sure the fanbase can save Ty on any given week. Even tho I'm HUGE fan of Ty...Kim should have been in the semi's. BUT...that is what makes DWTS so fun. If it went "according to form" we probably would not be watching it.

That's all for now....predictions for next week will come later.


Glad to see Ty sticking around, although I was expecting him to be voted off. Says a lot for his fan base. Can't say I'll miss Lil' Kim; she never did much for me. Mory sorry to see Derek go.

LOVED Dance Center as always. One of the funniest ones ever. I laughed hysterically. My wife? Not so much. Is DC a guy thing?

I'm pulling for Afton to join the crew. Her personality and teaching style fits the best with DWTS. Good to see Cody back. Mayo's growing on me.

Big prediction: Melissa in the upset. Gilles is showing some kinks in his previously invulnerable dancing armor.


I was mildly surprised but not shocked to see Black Barbie go. I AM shocked to see that Rodeo Dude has made it to the semifinals. He will definitely be the next to go, as long as the other semifinalists keep their game up. It's really not too difficult to predict, and this is probably pretty bold of me, but: an early congrats to Matt and others who correctly predicted that Tiny Gymnast, Melissa and French Guy would be in the final three. I jumped on the bandwagon kind of late with that one.
I only watched approx. half of the show last night...Dance Center, the pro competition and the final minute. I watched a few seconds of Sinatra guy's performance, but I thought it was weird.
I enjoyed Dance Center. Yes, it is pretty much guy humor, but I find it entertaining.
As for the pro competition, I'm rooting for Afton, too bad she was paired with over-the-top-obnoxious Jake Ryan. My second choice would be Anna and my last choice is Mayo. He is just way too tall and lanky.