Time for Ty to hit those happy trails on DWTS?

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


First and foremost: YES! Dance Center returns tonight. Now, on to today's Monday's show. Weird start. Thought I was watching the results show. Thought maybe I had selected the wrong episode on my DVR. (I was much more prepared -- and enjoyed it -- when the pro couples demonstrated the Latin dances.) All five couples came down the stairs. Good sign. Liked the variety of dances. I'll throw this out now: Is there any chance that Rodeo Dude won't be sent packing tonight? Share a scenario, if you can think of one. Until then, here's my review in order of the celeb's first performances. Olympic Gymnast - Cute routine with the quick step, very entertaining. Looked like they were having a blast. Would have been a perfect 30, but they broke the hold rule -- and it was good to see Mark man up and admit it. As good as that was, their paso doble might have been even better! Dramatic, yet somehow fun. Crisp moves. Nice solo at the start. See needed to big huge week, and she delivered with two great performances. Rodeo Dude - Great, great leg work on the Argentine tango. Passionate, intense. Agreed with Len: captured the flavor of the dance. BTW - what was up with that leopard print robe? As for his second dance, well, there was some hip action with the rumba. Nice ending with his wife. And LOL at him hoping that pays huge dividends when he gets home. Black Barbie - It wasn't a terrible waltz. Liked the Leo Sayer tune. Couldn't believe Bruno said that: "You tried to be a lady, but you're more comfortable being a tramp." Not sure anything was lost in translation. He meant what he said and he said what he meant. As for her salsa, as if it wouldn't be sexy. Loved the tricks. Wasn't as enthralled with the "booty that can do no wrong." BTW - my wife and I concluded, after yet another obscure food reference by Len, that they eat weird things over there. French Guy - Thought I saw Mayo during their field trip for the foxtrot. As for that dance, he played the character very well. It was sexy. But I sort of agreed with Len in that it wasn't 10 worthy. He won over Carrie Ann with the kiss and Bruno with the sex factor. Their rumba was romantic and somewhat sexy, but -- as Carrie Ann correctly noted -- the solo was odd. Melissa - Welcome back! Loved it when she asked Tony is looked like an angel and without hesitation he replied, "No." Her ballet background certainly helped during that waltz. And the crowd liked it, even if the judges' comments were fully supportive. Still scored 9s. DWTS saved the best for last with her samba. IMO - it was phenomenal. Worthy of encore honors tonight, and the three 10s it earned. LOL at the wardrobe malfunction and her "My boob came out!" comment before the judges' critique. * * * TONIGHT: I don't expect drama tonight, but the results show should be action-packed. Dance Center. The return of Jake Ryan, World's Fastest Man, and (suggest label name, please, for...) Lisa Rinna. BTW - Good call on her, Dancin' Queen. Glad creepy Genya is gone. Don't really like Mayo, either. Afton has the edge, IMO. * * * YOUR TAKE: What do you think about Monday's show? Is there anyway Ty won't go? Any opinion on the pro dance competition and returning celebs? Please share below.



Good show. It's always fun to watchth eshows at the end of the season. The dancing is always incredible. My favorite couple of the night was Shawn and Mark. I liked both of their routines. I also think Shawn had the best solo dance of the night, followed by black barbie. The other two were odd.
What was up with Len? He kept saying weird things and he never agreed with Carrie Ann and Bruno.
I definitely think Rodeo Dude will go. He did way better and lasted way longer than I thought he would, but he just can't compete with the other four.
As for the pros for next season, I vote for Afton. She seems fun and deserving. Seems a good fit for Cody. Does he get a crush on everyone he dances with?


Fun show last night. I was so glad to see the Tiny Gymnast improve. Her last couple of weeks did not seem too good, but she really let loose this week and got rid of that gymnastic stance. Her performances were my favorites last night.
Yep, Ty is so going home. Last night's show really highlighted the difference in his ability versus the others. I thought his little rumba for his wife was uncomfortable to watch, and the apartment robe scene was so cheesy!Totally staged!
French Guy was great as usual. I agree with everyone about his weird solo, also the rolling on the floor with Cheryl was weird too, but other than that, he is one talented dude (except for the blue sheer ladies shirt that he was wearing).
I was glad to see Melissa redeem herself this week. I was really surprised by Carrie Ann's actual compliment!
I really wasn't that impressed with Black Barbie. Her waltz was boring and her salsa had way too much booty shaking. If there is a bottom two tonight, she will be there.
Looking forward to tonight, obviously with Dance Center. Yea!!! The pro competition should be fun and I think that Afton has the winning edge, although Mayo being partnered with Balloon Lips Lisa Rinna may impress some people.


Welcome back BarB. We've missed your comments.

Great label for Rinna, Jennifer: Balloon Lips. Perfect. Too bad we can only use it for one week.

BTW - What do y'all think about Len's "Pickle me walnuts" quip? LOL at Tom's "There are so many other reasons I thought you were on medication."