Chuck's gone (back to) country; who'll be the next to leave DWTS?

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Well I guess Julianne's Boyfriend won't be wearing anymore girl's clothing for a while. That will please all of us Rodeo Dude fans who hoped he wouldn't be hitting the road. BTW - thanks for all of you commenters on the last post. Most of us incorrectly thought Rodeo Dude would join Melissa in the bottom two. Kudos to Cindi for correctly guessing Julianne's Boyfriend as being in the bottom two, and Jennifer for alluding to him being a possibility. This season's results show is more enjoyable than past years. Especially enjoy the new wrinkle with the pro partner competition, though I haven't voted yet. Are you guys voting for them? The lil sibs of the pros (Geyna and Afton) seem to have the advantage. What former stars do you think they'll bring back? (My vote is for ones that got kicked off early, especially Kenny Mayne!) BTW - Where is Dance Center???!!! Liked the commercials - ballroom dancers of genius, Frankenstein's ballroom creation, Dance Match (such a good parody of the real thing) and PetD (People for the Ethical Treatment of Dancers). Is Robin Thicke making a bid to be a future DWTS celeb? Hmm. BTW - he reminds me of a blend of his father, Justin Timberlake and Simon Cowell. * * * YOUR TURN: Please share your thoughts on the aforementioned questions, as well as this one: Who besides Rodeo Dude is in jeopardy of getting sent home next week?



I can not believe Chuck left before TY. If anyone comes back I think it will be him or the Playboy chick just because guys like to look at her.


Thanks for posting Stephanie.
I'm thinking they won't bring back anyone from this season for the pro dancer competition -- this season's cast-offs always come back on the final show for one more dance.

As for past celebs, I'm thinking maybe Jessica Simpson ex-Brother-in-law, nSync'er (not to be confused with Out-of-Sync'er) and others who have been part of the DWTS tour. Still think Kenny Mayne would be a hoot.


Elsy - I, too, have those two plus Olympic Gymnast in my final 3.


Connie - I agree with you about Olympic Gymnast. If Melissa falters due to injury, and French Guy is so-so in the freestyle, she could seize the Mirror Ball trophy. But French Guy still seems to be the celeb to beat.


Dancin' Queen - Thanks for posting. I enjoyed your take on the remaining celebs. I agree Olympic Gymnast has a lot to prove this week, but I suspect she'll come through big time. As much as we all like him, his work ethic and humor, Ty's wild ride might just be coming to an end. The semifinals, though, has the makings for one of the best ever on DWTS.


I was so worried that Melissa was going to be voted off.... so glad she didn't. I think she's wonderful and the finals (for me) are Guilles and Melissa.


As much as I love Ty, I don't think he'll score as well with the judges based on the dances he has lined up for next week. I mean, can you imagine him doing the rumba with Chelsie? He surprised me with his salsa, but the rumba is a whole different story.

I don't think his fan vote will be enough to overcome the judges score this time, especially with the others being so strong.

So, I think Ty will be the next one out.

I have Shawn in my Final 3. She's a great dancer, already has a pretty strong fanbase, is very popular among teens as well as winning over fans with her bubbly personality, youth, and determination. I would keep an eye on her because although she's not talked about as much as Gilles or Melissa, she has the potential to surprise everyone and win it all.

Dancin' Queen

Yehey! Yippe Hiyeay!!!! :) You go Rodeo Dude!!! :) I'm so happy the curtain has gone down on Chuck and Julianne's Pajama Party! That was a one trick pony they were going to use until it didn't work anymore.....what was going to happen next week? PURPLE silk pj's?!?!

My take up to this point:

Gilles: Has proved his versatility in latin and ballroom and goofball (his latest dance). Unless he breaks a leg or arm he's in the final 3.

Kim: OOOOH baby, has this girl brought it to the table. Beyond the fact she has grown and grown and grown as a dancer...she's having loads of fun and it SHOWS! :) She is my choice to replace my 1st week prediction of Chuck in the top 3.

Melissa: Fantastic dancer and has been a joy to watch. I originally didn't pick her for my top 3 and I'm still not going to pick her..cause I do think she is going to falter injury wise. She is the "Judges Favorite" and IMHO her rehearsal dance should have been 6's instead of 7's..... she def. dodged a bullet this week...but with 2 dances and injuries....she might be able to survive this week....(only if Ty falters)...

Ty: Is on a roll...and unlike Chuck and the PJ's....he won't try to recreate the same dance next week. Chelsea is a dream partner for him..and right now he's riding the bull....and people are loving him. Who cares what Len says? In fact when the judges are disrespectful to the stars, people react (like me!!) and give them all their votes...which I did with Ty this week. If judges want someone OFF the show..they need to say "good job, not your best, but your effort was commendable". If Len had done that, Ty would have been gone.

Shawn: As much as I love Shawn and I do (and I had picked her for my top 3)....she is on a plateau. Judges love IMPROVEMENT. That's why they were going to wild over Chuck recently. Shawn has been great from the get-go. When you are great from the still need to improve from that status. Her dance this past week IMHO was 'so-so'. This week will be MEGA proving ground for her as everyone has 2 dances and she is going to have to step it up to make the finals. If Melissa is out. If Ty comes back with 2 crowd out.

Am liking the pro-dance competition very much! I think it's a great idea to thrown in--very inventive! My favorite is Mayo. GREAT question, Matt, regarding who will partner them next week. My guesses are:
Lisa Rinna
Shannon Elizabeth
Lance Bass
Ian Zeiring


Jennifer - LOL at the After the Final Rose reference. That didn't cross my mind until you wrote that, but YES - Deja vu! BTW - since she technically might not have been in the bottom two, do you think Rodeo Dude was, but ABC made Melissa sweat it out for the drama -- and ratings? Just a thought.

Also, I didn't know about Papa Thicke's "Diff'rent Strokes" connection. Thanks for sharing.

Agree about creepy Genya. We call him Virge. Put both names together and you get a "Virgina" pronunciation. And we're not big fans of Mayo, either. Hold the Mayo, DWTS!

I hope you're wrong about Olympic Gymnast - she's in my Final 3!


OK OK...I broke down and watched almost the entire results show last night. It was so entertaining! I loved the commercials. And I used to think that I did not like Robin Thicke, but he wasn't too bad. I really liked the pro dancing in his first performance. The resemblance to his father is a little eerie (great description, Matt!) BTW- did you know that his dad Alan Thicke actually co-wrote and sang the theme song for Different Strokes?
In terms of the the pro dancing competition, I have to say that there is something about Genya that I don't like, I just can't put my finger on it. He's kind of creepy or something. I really enjoyed the second couple's performance...I liked the girl, not the guy (he seemed a little full of himself).
As for the end of the show, I felt so bad for Melissa. She was so upset! It was like watching The Bachelor After the Final Rose all over again!!! I am so glad that she made it through. She deserves to stay because of her talent. I wasn't too surprised to see Julianne's partner go. Even though I chose him as an early favorite, he was starting to get on my nerves with the quirkiness and girls clothing and all that.
Who's leaving next week? I think it may be Rodeo Dude, but it could be Tiny Gymnast. (Black Barbie is really stepping it up!) Or, if Melissa has another "off" week, Carrie Ann could strike again and she could get booted by a low score. So, I guess it's anyone's game, huh?

Dancin' Queen

Matt-- I agree. This has def. been my favorite season so far because of the "no front runner" situation (ie brooke and kristi from past seasons). I have been so looking forward to this "homestretch" part of the season cause there are only 3 slots for the finals and anyone at this point could win. Yes, Ty *should* not be here...but he is...and could play the spoiler.

Does anyone know who is dancing what next week?