With or without Melissa, DWTS is fun to watch

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


First thought when I saw Tony coming down the stairs alone: uh-oh. But the night still proved to be a fun one on "Dancing With The Stars." And as it turns out, Melissa got to compete via a taped rehearsal. Here's my review, in order of the performances: French Guy - Nine! Nine! Nine! Was he trying to be Elvis Preslé? Def. an energetic Lindy Hopp. Liked the intense practices. LOL at potty-mouth Cheryl being dropped on her face. Ouch. Lots of bleeps during the week, I'm sure. Glad the shot worked. But if anyone can design one-armed choreography, it's Cheryl. Black Barbie - Expected more than one 10 with this paso doble. Noted the precision, passion and musicality. Also noted the Out-of-Sync'er sighting. BTW - did Bruno say what I think he said? If so, can he say that on live TV? Pop culture reference? Carrie Ann seemed shocked. Julianne's Boyfriend - He kept up with her in this cha-cha, and that's saying something. A little raunch to please Bruno. Saw trademark Julianne cha-cha moves: the side-by-side synchronized bit, the part where they both face the camera with her being showcased in front, etc. Olympic Gymnast - LOVED the groovy Kool and the Gang tune. Cute ending. Agree with Len that this samba lacked some passazz. But I also agree with Carrie Ann: They had great technique and a solid performance, nailing every step and not making any mistakes. For that, it deserved a 10! Len did them wrong with his 8. A 9, like Bruno's, was lowest it should have been scored. Speaking of Bruno, do we really want her to become Lady Gaga, who I've heard described as a Britney with brains? Kinda like her the way she is. BTW - The last time I remember seeing Mark's mom, she was trying to get Cheetah Girl to turn on her son - kind of creepy. Melissa - Liked it when she stopped and pulled up her pants. Does she always practice in a black bra and jeans? Conspiracy Theory (not my theory): She really didn't want to do the jive, with all technical issues, so she faked the broken rib injury and hoped for the sympathy vote. Kudos to her for not going to the hospital in an ambulance. Poor Tony - he finally gets a good partner and has visions of the Mirror Ball trophy, and then this. And he had to stand there and take it from the judges. Noted the Go-Gos tune. Wonder if Go-Go Dancer liked it, wherever she might be. Rodeo Dude - DWTS saved the best for last. He was movin' - and making all the right steps! Fabulous. Wild. An outstanding salsa. Another good 70s tune. Mad at Len's "hit the road" quip. Glad to see Carrie Ann's 9. Team Mambo - LOL at the ending. Visions of Justin Timberlake on 'SNL' come to mind. Check it out. Hilarious. Fun. Entertaining. Third straight week Julianne's Boyfriend has worn girl's clothing. Team Tango - Talked a lot of smack before the dance, but they backed it up. They were limited on amount of unique moves with the tango, but those moves seemed to be well executed. Len redeemed himself by telling Rodeo Dude he nailed it. Liked the hair-tangling at the end. Was so distracted that I had no idea what Samantha was saying. * * * YOUR TAKE - Who goes home tonight? IMO - Melissa and Rodeo Dude will be in the bottom two, with "happy trails" being bid to Rodeo Dude. Agree? Disagree? Please share.


Dancin' Queen

Forgot to say...I loved both group dances...and I'm not a huge fan of the group dances. Both were tops!!


I voted all my votes for Melissa and Tony! And the lines were busy for a while so hopefully that means lots of others were voting also! I felt so bad for Tony. I just love him! All are good dancers or at least a lot of fun to watch. My bottom 2 would be Ty and Chuck though.

Dancing Newbie

For some reason last night's show couldn't keep my attention, usually I enjoy watching all the dances. I feel bad for Melissa her practice routine wasn't that good but as everybody said it was just practice, she didn't expect to be judged on it. I enjoyed both the team dances. I think the bottom two tonight will be Melissa and Rodeo Dude and I think it's time for Rodeo Dude to go home.

Dancing Newbie

I forgot to comment on what Matt said about Justin Timberlake on SNL. My sister loves that song and she showed me that skit where Justin was a backup dancer, it's definitely worth checking out.

Dancin' Queen

I loved this episode! In fact of all the years I have watched DWTS--this was my all time fave episode!!! The humor was incredible--surprises all around--great dancing...and what about those guys in tights?!?!?! Tooooooooooooo funny!!! Ty was amazing..I was laughing so hard I almost fell off the couch! I also LOVED his "up close and personal"!!!! The tan spray scene was a SCREAM! Everyone's dance was SO fun! I've never had so much fun! Wow!!!

My predictions?
Bottom Two: Melissa and Ty
Ty going home.

I HOPE I"M WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just love TY so much!! Hes funny in his own little way and it just makes you like him!! He keeps getting better and better each week.At first most people thought he would have been voted off early on and now heS movin on up and could actually WIN this!!!! YEA GO TY!!!


I agree with your bottom two. But, I feel like Melissa might be getting sent home because her combined score was so much lower than everyone else's and, unless by some miracle she had a TON of online/phone voting, I don't know if she can pull it out. It's really, really unfortunate because she had been doing so well all along and then got hurt, and I reallllllly like Tony Dovolani but it is what it is. By the way, I really liked your take on all of the performances except the one about Gilles and Cheryl. I didn't really think their dance deserved three 9's. And, I also liked Team Mambo--- very entertaining!


Totally true re seeing a pro come down the stairs without their partner. Such a "whoa" moment.

What a great show. Everyone remaining is either top-notch or much-improved. Ty has such a great attitude that I'd hate to see him go, but I bet Melissa's fans make up the difference in scores.

Seriously, though, what was up with her rehearsing without a shirt on. Very weird. By the way, now that rehearsal dances have been scored twice this season, the couples will have to take them a little more seriously, at least if they go into it with any doubt about whether they'll be able to perform on the show.

Jennifer: Totally agree about Mark's choreography. It's so entertaining. The only downside is that he's so into it and so good that I kept finding myself watching him instead of Shawn! She really needs to find one more gear to keep up with him.


I'm so annoyed about what happened to Melissa! Or, I'm annoyed at Carrie Ann, I guess. She has had it out for Melissa from Day One...Remember her saying, "There's something I don't like about you"? I feel bad for Melissa that she got hurt, and then for the judges to give her 7s...I realize that not much could've been done, but they seemed more sympathetic when MTV Jack had his injury than with Melissa.
So I'm sad to admit that I agree with you, Matt: Looks like the bottom two will be Rodeo Dude and Melissa.(If I had to throw a third person in there, it would be Julianne's partner.) Rodeo Dude has grown on me. I like his sense of humor, and I hope it's not true that he may be leaving. This is really the hard part of the season where everyone left is actually likeable, and I hate to see anyone go.
For my final thought, I LOVE Mark's choreography. I always have, and he's doing a great job with the Tiny Gymnast. I just have one observation: She needs to step it up a notch. IMO all of her moves look too much like gymnastics, especially her arm movements. She needs to loosen up a bit, or else she might not make it to the Final Three.