OK, I didn't get to watch 'CSI' (yet), but …

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


… that doesn't mean I won't. It especially doesn't mean you can't put your thoughts below on what happened Thursday.

(In other words, you definitely should write your comments below — darn those double negatives!) After all, that's what a blog is all about: Getting those opnions out there and prompting some good ol' fashioned, heated discussions.

I'm not the only opinionated SOB out there. I just happen to be armed with a blog.

EXCUSES, EXCUSES: Life comes at you hard. And I'd have to agree with Nationwide Insurance. Just check out a few of the bylines this week on the cops & courts beat on the Reflector's Web site and you'll see I've been swamped. That doesn't even count the stories and briefs (stories without byline credits) in the paper that don't hit the Web!

So not only did my workload hit me like a you-know-what brick house, so did life's schedule this week. It was a doozy; let's put it this way. I did at least manage to tape it.

All I can say is I hope to have a review up early next week. Maybe even this weekend — if time allows. I can hear it now: Riiiiiight. Now let the abuse, I mean comments, begin!



Believe me, it will begin. But after I find time to watch it too......ahahha My plan is to beat you to it, but look at the beauty of a day we have. It is impossible to watch tv. Yet, you never know what may happen late at night or early Sunday morning.


I have mixed emotions about this episode. I guess when an old case is brought back up I generally know the outcome~ the team will find more evidence to convict; they will have been right the first time. So, I knew the ending. Then I realized too that I would believe more than one inmate that said he was innocent. The dude had me feeling bad for him being locked up for 18 years and was innocent...not so much! And it did take me a bit by surprise that the accomplice was his girlfriend.

It was a bit disturbing to see Catherine's over the top smiles when each of the techs or team members found evidence to help her case. I understand she would be happy but the gleaming smiles seemed a bit much. I understand she was scared she had convicted the wrong man and was glad as the evidence showed she was right, but still... Also, it seemed like the team was on eggshells and treating her like "oh poor Catherine" if she was wrong. She is a strong character and could have handled any outcome.

All in all, it wasn't a bad show but not my favorite either. Branching out and trying to be a bit different is a plus but I am not sure if this was the way to do it. Then again, look back at the last couple of weeks~~ this was mild in comparison.