Dancers step it up; group number great

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Fun, fun night on DWTS! Liked the pro dancers' outfits. Celebs did a tasteful job as designers. BTW - who dressed Samantha, Tom??? Group dance was highly entertaining. Agree with Len: sum was greater than the total of the parts. Unlike past years, there was no weak leak (Frau Phyllis, Billy Ray, Springer, etc.) And one more shout of thanks to y'all who filled in for me last week. I posted some comments at the end of that post, in case you missed it. Included are some thoughts on Dancin' Queen's question about best group dance of previous seasons. (And welcome DWTSFan!) Here's the recap, in order of their performances: Melissa - Good choreography. Precise movements. Excellent start to the night, deserving of the 10s (probably should've been a perfect 30). Give Bruno a drink! Agreed with Carrie Ann: Best Argentine tango of the season. BTW - How about having Susan Mayer, I mean Teri Hatcher, join DWTS for Season Nine? LT - Good summary by Bruno: Not terrible but not brilliant. Kudos to his tasteful dress design. LOL at Tom: "We've only been putting Edyta in these dresses for HER OWN SAFETY." Noted the MTV Jack--- cameo here. BTW - wonder what he would have put Lacy in? Black Barbie - Nice mix of fast and slow movements in this rumba. Disagreed with the judges - I liked it without the raunch. It had an intimate feel, with tease and tension interwoven throughout. She's definitely a candidate for the finals. Julianne's Boyfriend - Warrant's "I Saw Red" would've been more appropriate, if only that were a samba tune. The dance was fun. High energy but not frantic like French Guy's fast dances. Deserved the 9s it got; wasn't 10 worthy. Rodeo Dude - Very enjoyable waltz. Fun to watch. Noted the precision. Jewel should be proud. It def. had "more rise and fall than a bride's nightie" I think. Huh??? Any way, I thought a 9 could have been thrown in there. Olympic Gymnast - LOVED this cha-cha. IMO most enjoyable dance to watch tonight. A little Sabrina dancing with a Jacko wannabe. And they finally got their 10. Cringed a bit with the pre-dance fretting. This would've been the encore Tuesday. But remember, the first group dance is always the encore. French Guy - Wasn't a bad Viennese waltz. Had a romantic feel. Appropriately scored with the three 9s I guess. I like this point in the season because they have more time to show the mid week field trips. But the swimming pool training was kind of disturbing and hillarious at the same time. Kind of like Bruno dancing in Elton John's "I'm Still Standing." Care to watch it again? Group dance - Fun to watch throughout. Excellent choreography. Glad Len was able to take a stroll down memory lane. BTW - was it Jullianne's idea to have her boyfriend wear Derek's hair. 'Cause that's just not right on many levels. Great lifts, flips and creative signature moves. * * * PREDICTION TIME: So is there any way it won't be Rodeo Dude and LT in the bottom two, with LT going home? Please state your case if you think it should be someone else and/or if you think it will be. IMO - any one else leaving, other than one of those two, is unjust. I like 'em both, but everyone else is at a higher level. * * * YOUR TAKE: Please share what you thought of tonight's show by posting comments at the end of this post.



Welcome back, Matt!
I agree- fun show last night. My favorite performance belonged to Tiny Gymnast and Mark. It was so lively, and yes, very Mark-and-Sabrina-like. Mark has always been one of my favorite pros, and I liked the 80s vibe.
I was a bit disappointed by Melissa, even though the judges liked her performance. I thought it was lacking something...passion, maybe?
Julianne and her partner improved; but again, what is with the efeminate outfits? A ladies' blouse last week and now red silk? ALL RED SILK? The pants should've at least been made out of a different material. And he even wore red shoes...He is a handsome guy, wish he would dress more manly.
I liked the group dance...didn't really care for the song. It was fun seeing the couples create their own moves and names (the Chuck Wheel). I felt bad for Chelsie to have to perform Rodeo Dude's idea. I was embarrassed for her!...I liked the girls' costumes. They all looked really cute.
BTW- IMO the worst group dance ever was last season's hip-hop routine - Susan Lucci should never do those moves ever again!
Who's going home tonight? I'm agreeing with Matt...Rodeo Dude and LT, with LT leaving. (I hope!)


I can't believe I posted my comment without weighing in on The Wig! Here goes: Why oh why? Was that really necessary? And I never even thought of the resemblance to Derek! Ewwww. I kept wondering when it was going to fall off during the performance, especially with Julianne having to jump over his head to get off his shoulders! Who knows? Maybe it will happen tonight!

Dancing Newbie

I think last night's show was my favorite of the season, I really enjoyed every dance. I thought the group dance was fun, they seemed to enjoy it. I listened to Chuck's interview on the radio today on the way to work and the wig was a last minute idea. He was just goofing off and put it on and everybody started laughing and told him he had to wear it for the dance. He said when he looked in the mirror and saw that he looked like Derek there was no way he wasn't going to wear it. He's a fun guy to listen to, I look forward to his interview every Tuesday morning.

Almost everyone did a good job with the costumes but I really didn't like Edyta's she looked uncomfortable and it showed in their dance.

My favorite dance of the night was Olympic Gymnast it was full of energy and you could tell they were having fun.

I agree that the bottom two tonight are going to be Rodeo Dude and LT with LT going home.