Crime Sci-fi Investigators

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


What a GREAT episode!

A five stun-gun salute to the writers and producers for satirizing, yet also respecting, the sci-fi/comic con culture while at the same time providing some of the best one-liners in many, many shows.

Last night's episode perfectly encapsulated fan's fervor for their pop culture followings — as well as reveal how crazily obsessed those same people can be. The story also managed to lampoon the original "Star Trek" series PLUS showed how much the audience doesn't want to see future incarnations "get it all wrong" and destroy one's childhood dreams.

For the "CSI" followers, we got to see the spotlight shine on two "lower tier characters," who are as lovable as the main cast — David Hodges and Wendy Simms.

AND they solved the case, with an attaboy from Langston besides!

There also was a good deal of cast chemistry. I absolutely loved hearing Langston being so well versed in one of the "absolute classic" episodes in the closing moments.

There were some funny moments. Who didn't couldn't see Hodges was going to start a fire when his mind started to wander? Did you notice how mad he was at himself for letting it happen? (For more of my thoughts on other great moments, check out this preview I did of this episode.)

Obviously, this story was all about the unrequited feelings between David and Wendy. (I don't know who was more surprised to know that it didn't totally bother Wendy that David was fantasizing about her, him or the audience.

Heck, even Wendy looked vaguely surprised she admitted it out loud.)

Strangely, I agree these two are "made for each other" and showed some nice, er, chemistry. This is a subplot that could hinted at, teased at and developed carefully in future episodes.

Do you remember when I said "the writers should do more with Simms"? I got my wish — in spades and bikinis — with the last episode.

Liz Vassey really put it all out there by being a belly dancer and wearing an outrageously skimpy costume that was remarkably reminiscient of the classic "Star Trek" shows. She seemed like she was having a wonderful time.

And speaking for the hot-blooded guys out there, she looked smokin'!!! Besides, she has those dimples you could lose yourself in …

Sorry. Got distracted. A Hodges moment, maybe?

Seriously, my heart broke for those two lab rats. I guess I gotta respect the fact that Hodges wouldn't go for the DVD night with Simms because he's dedicated to his job. He truly fears either becoming romantically involved, (as a result) doesn't want to have to work a shift opposite from Simms or doesn't want to be disappointed if a DVD night became something more.

But come on!

A work fling might be fun — as long as the writers don't hammer it into the ground.

Then again, that could take away the fun and tension. And why couldn't they join everybody else they join the rest of the co-workers for their DVD night?

I really don't want them to completely forget this subplot happened. It should be addressed — every once in a while. As cheesy and overdone as the final dream sequence was (as it was intended), it was also touching.

Yes, Wendy, "maybe some day." CBS, thanks for a good time.



This definitely was an unusual episode. And it got you to write the next day. When I saw the post I knew it had to be a good one since lately.. well never mind! I only read the headline so that I had just a smidgen of your impression before I got the chance to watch it.

I liked Nick's annoyance at the beginning when he asked them to "beam yourselves back to the lab" even though it was a typical line that we knew would have to be part of the show.

Seems Hodges tried to make Langston think that he and Wendy went to the event together by saying it "was our first". It is kind of sad really. All along I thought it was just his side but now I see that Wendy is interested although I don't see why. I know you said you agree that maybe they were made for each other but I have a hard time seeing that. Hodges just seems a bit strange to me and Wendy with her look could probably get anyone she wanted. But then again they do have personalities that come together and many of the same interests.

I did question why Hodges went to Catherine right away. Why not sneak in a relationship and see how it goes before approaching either Catherine or Eckley. They wouldn't know where it could take them anyhow. I think a little fling would have been fun for everyone and see how the fans liked it and decide from there. But then again, I am not a writer... hahaha

I can't help but say that Hodges looked extremely feminine in the fantasies. I guess most of the men do in shows like that. Hardly seems fair to make the men fems and the chicks hot. What is in it for me? hehe

Throwing in Mr. Ed as sci-fi was as funny as it was offensive to the others.

As far as them joining the others, I think it was done to leave us a bit sad about the whole non-relationship thing. Watching the two in their labs alone while the others went to have fun. Then again, maybe they are going for it right now.......


Here's my take on Hodges going to Catherine: He's a rule-follower and he trusts Catherine's take on things. Hodges wouldn't dare date a co-worker if it was against the rules AND cost him his job.


You are right. Makes sense coming from the source now that I asked you pointed out his personality. Still, I wouldn't mind him stepping over the edge and use a bit of adventure. But maybe we saw all of the adventure he was going to show in his fantasies.