More of a preview, than a review

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Being timely after Thursday shows has been killing me. (In other words, it hasn't been happening.)

And honestly, judging from the last two weeks' worth of shows, "CSI" has been significantly less than impressive. It seems the series has been on a ying-and-yang pattern, meaning after cranking for a couple shows in a row, it has been decidedly less so.

So before I go onto the preview of this week's show, here's my quick hit review of last week's:

Let's put it this way, I feel asleep for a few minutes and had absolutely no desire to rewind the tape to catch what I missed.

NOW, at first I rolled my eyes when I saw "CSI" would be doing a "Star Trek"-inspired show. The cynic in me naturally thinks it is a cheap way to ride the tide of incredible fan buzz on the upcoming film — which it is — but this preview just seems to grab my attention.

And what do we have here?:

• Hodges discovers lab cutie Wendy is a Quester who thinks "'Astro Quest' is the greatest science fiction show of all time."

• Then Hodges, in full William Shatner-Capt. Kirk mode, has daydreams about said co-worker and closet sci-fi geek. LOVED seeing Langston interrupt to ask him do some lab work, "chop chop." Isn't that SO like one's dad interrupting a great daydream you had going?

• Nick to Hodges and Wendy after telling Nick he'd "need a lot of tape lifts … and swabs": "Do me a favor … beam yourselves back to the lab … and let us do our jobs."

• Phillips does a wonderful wink-wink, nudge-nudge reference to Dr. McCoy, "I'm not a seamstress, I'm a coroner's investigator dammit."

• The expected sex references: "A whole lot of geek love on the command chair" and "It's good to be the commander."

• My hands-down favorite moment is Hodges telling Brass: "He's dead, Jim." Trekkies ("Trekker" just doesn't cut it for me) won't be the only ones looking out for Easter eggs, so will "Battlestar Galactica" (BSG) fans.

Hero Complex blogger Geoff Boucher says we should expect to see a cameo from "Star Trek: TNG" co-producer and BSG executive producer Ronald D. Moore and an appearance by Fifth Cylon actress Kate Vernon in the episode directed by occasional BSG director Michael Nanking. Episode co-writer David Weddle told there would be "other surprise cameos for sci-fi fans."

Besides, the name of the episode — "A Space Oddity" — is an obvious nod to the classic 1969 David Bowie song of (virtually) the same name.

(Most Bowie-heads, as I like to call ourselves, have seen the 1972 Ziggy Stardust-era video, but I thought my readers might appreciate this nice live 1990 footage from Chile.)

So, sounds like a great time! If it isn't, I'll be seriously bummed.



I have to admit is was the first episode this season that did not keep my attention. I did get a few things done around the house during it, even though I was watching it on DVR and could have paused. It was sad really to have gone from those killer.. (I know, I know)... shows from the past few weeks to this bore.

At the beginning I was swearing at TWC for my cable blanking out..hahaha well, it didn't take long to figure out it was a helmet camera. But I did have a laugh at my own expense.

I sort of got a cult turned freaky religious feel. (That is what I jotted down. Heck, I can't even remember what I meant since the show ended up being crappy..)

One more thing on the show, I did find it interesting about the vulture throwing the turtle on the rocks (well, head) to bust it open for the meat. That was something cool to learn, IMO. It also brought Norwalk to mind since the story was recently in about the turkey vultures. I bet many people are not familiar with those. I thought it was funny that they were mentioned here one day and on tv the next. Not like they are so popular they are around or in conversations daily~

I had not heard about this week's show. It sounds a bit intriquing, quite different. Let's just hope it comes through as such.

Just a thought on the departure of Gil for old times sake. When he left, he put Catherine in charge but really her role has not changed a bit and neither have they put anyone in the supervisory role. I am certain a team like that needs some direction, even if they have years of experience. I was just wondering if you had a view or any thoughts of this.