DWTS on tonight - I need your help!

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Looking forward to tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" episode. However, I won't be able to blog about it as soon as I usually do. So, I thought I'd turn to you all for a little help. On this post, after watching tonight's dances, please share YOUR dance-by-dance reviews and observations. Then, after I watch the show (and Tuesday's as well) I'll log on and read your reviews and play the role of the commenter. I appreciate the help. Until then...



Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed the Rascal Flatts songs, especially "Revolution," one of my favorite Beatles tunes ever. As attractive as Carmen Electra is, her "dancing" was painful to watch. Reading the paper was more intriguing.

Here's E! Online's take on last night's action: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/...

Dancin' Queen

Whoo-hoo!!! Good bye STEVE-O!!!!!!!!!

Fun results show...really liked the musical group,Rascal Flatts. Liked them better than the professionals who danced to their songs. I agree with Cary in that I loved "Revolution". When they were introduced and I heard that it was the Beatles, I'm like "uh oh...no one can cover a beatles song!" I was wrong. I LOVED IT!!

I did not like the new elimination deal of calling 2 couples down...you kind of knew BOTH would be saved...so created less tension. I LIKE the tension! :)

WELL, now we KNOW who has control over these costumes! I had always assumed the costume designer created them and the dancers had little to nil imput. The fact the contestants get control next week--YAHOO!! Loved how Larry said Eddytta would get MORE clothes! Yay Larry!!! :):)

I'm not a HUGE fan of the group dance..IMHO it really WORKS or really BOMBS--no middle ground. Last year was HORRIBLE--that hip hop disaster....but since they are doing a 60's theme this year that should be fun. Also the dancers that are left can really hoof it....so there is potential for a fun dance.

Does anybody have from previous years a favorite group dance?


Hey everyone! We're back from vacation.

Based on the great job you all did on the reviews in my absence, I'd better get back to work or I'll be out of a blog. LOL.

My wife and I watched Monday's episode in its entirety (fast-forwarding commercials, of course) and then fast-forwarded most of the results show to learn that MTV Jack-- finally got booted. That made most of you happy, I can see. Based on your comments, we'd better go back and watch Rascal Flats.

BTW - Dancin' Queen and Dancing Newbie earn special mention for their dance-by-dance reviews. Good work there!

Another BTW - Where's BarB???

In answer to Dancin' Queen question about favorite group dance, I recall a good one from the season featuring Joey Fatone and Apollo. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O...

The group dance that turned out to be the last for Sabrina (Cheetah Girl) also was enjoyable. Here's that link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=...


But perhaps one of the most entertaining group dance occurred before I started blogging about DWTS - season three. Disco. Enjoy:


I have to agree that the swing number was the best group dance since I've been watching DWTS. What a great group of dancers.... Sabrina, Helio, Mel B, Jennie, Cameron...

How about the *worst* group dance? Last season's hip hop number was cringe-worthy!

Dancin' Queen

OK Matt! I'll take a stab at this....if I leave a couple out...help me! (I'm going from faulty memory here!!)

TY and CHELSIE: Loved the song and costumes, but agree with the judges that it was too much of a line dance and not enough jive. The energy level was there and Ty looked more in his element but need to have more jive moves. I give it a 6.

MARK and SHAWN: Very sweet and "age appropriate" dance. I thought it was lovely, romantic and flowing. I think they both caught the essence of the dance. I give it a 9.

DEREK and KIM: WOW!!! Wonderful jive, wonderful music--full of energy and GREAT choreography! Loved the whole "jailhouse" costume theme. Derek looked just like Elvis in that get up!!! :) Kim is rapidly becoming my favorite dancer on the show. Her attitude and work ethic is just amazing. I give it a 10.

LARRY and EDDYTA: He looked so relaxed and like he was really having fun. His whole body language was so nice! Loved the costumes and the music. I gave it a 7.

JULIANNE and CHUCK: I was not impressed with this dance. Sorry Chuck....but you and Julianne did not connect. :( Too much of Julianne whipping hair around and not enough of Chuck actually dancing. I give it a 7.

CHERYL and GILLES: Agree with judges...FRANTIC jive..but the music was FRANTIC and I don't think they can be penalized for that. I thought it was great...and Cheryl's dress--WOW! Gilles looked way more comfortable in this dance than I thought he would. Very fun! I give it a 9.

TONY and MELISSA: This dance would have great for me if the words to that song weren't so WEIRD! I really couldn't get into it cause of that. But again--can't penalize them for the song. I thought they did great and were "connecting"...even more than Julianne and Chuck. I give it a 8.

STEVE O and LACY: I so wish this guy would JUST LEAVE--he is SO disgusting. Almost the level of a 10 year old. BUT...personal differences aside...I actually did enjoy his dance...esp. the beginning with both of them sitting on the steps. I gave it a 6.

IF they are doing the bottom 2 dance off I think it will be:
Ty and Larry
and going home?
BOO HOO!!!!!!!! (Ty)


Only saw Chuck's and Gilles' dances and will have to watch the rest tonight before the results. Chuck danced with a lot of passion. I agree with the Gilles; it seemed too frantic. It definitely wasn't his best. Judging from the brief recaps, it seemed like they showed Ty making a bog goof in the middle. Was that symbolic of the rest of his performance? I hope not; my wife and I want him to stay around, even just for comedic relief.


Thanks for the opening response Dancin' Queen! Good job! I usually tend to focus on only a couple of the performances, so the thought of blogging about each one seemed rather daunting to me.
My favorite performance of the night was probably by French Guy. I did not find the dance to be frantic, I just thought it was entertaining.
I enjoyed Black Barbie's performance - a very fun dance and a bit intriguing because of Tom Bergeron's awkward response to her wardrobe malfunction, but hey, what else what he going to do?
I also liked Rodeo Dude and Chelsie. I didn't know that the jive could be transformed into a country number like that! (but I agree, it was more of a line dance than a jive)
And finally, I would have enjoyed Julianne and partner's steamy performance more if I had not been distracted by the fact that he appeared to be wearing a woman's blouse. It was kind of creepy!
Who's in the bottom two? Rodeo Dude and MTV Jack. I am really getting tired of MTV Jack. He is disgusting and must go!


Here are some hopefully helpful links to Monday's show:

The LA Times — http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/...

E! Online (I always enjoy their DWTS coverage) — http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/...

Correction to lost post: "agree with the judges."

Dancing Newbie

Ok I'll give this a try:

Ty and Chelsie: I didn't really pay attention to this dance, I liked the song and thought the line dancing was cute but it didn't seem like a jive. I think Ty is a sweet guy but don't know how long he's going to last.

Mark and Shawn: The more I watch them the more I really like them. They have a great friendship and that shows when they dance. I thoguht the dance was really good, I agree that it was romantic and flowing. I thought it was cute that Mark put together a little prom for her.

Derek and Kim: I'm not a huge Derek fan, he's a great dancer but there's something about him I don't like. I think they did a great job on the jive, it was very energetic. I liked their song choice and their costumes. I thought it was funny when Kim had her costume blunder, Tom wasn't sure how to handle that and ended up drawing attention to it by his reaction.

Larry and Eddyta: I thought he showed some improvement this week. He finally looked like he was having a great time out there and enjoying himself. It was nice to see him have fun with his old football buddy, I think that visit really helped him.

Julianne and Chuck: They're such a cute couple. I agree that their costumes were a little crazy this week. I think Jennifer was right and Chuck was wearing a lady's shirt. You could tell they were really trying to connect and have passion but I agree it was a lot of spins and not a lot of dancing. I thought they did a better job when they were just dancing by themselves on the pier.

Cheryl and Gilles: Once again I thought they did a great job. Gilles is showing improvement every week and really trying. I liked it when they played soccer and were just relaxing and having fun. The jive was a little frantic and face paced but I thought they did good.

Tony and Melissa: Did anybody else laugh when Tony told her to hold her hand like she has a big ring on it. Melissa made a comment about the ring not being there and then you could tell Tony felt bad. Her parents were there again last night. I thought they did a good job, she's also another one that keeps showing improvement.

Steve O and Lacy: He just needs to go home! I agree that he is gross and the things he does aren't funny. I really liked their costumes Lacy looked very pretty. Their dance was ok.

I'm hoping Steve O will be in the bottom two tonight but if his fans pull him through again it will be Ty and Larry with Ty going home.


Ok, in response to what I said last week: "I will only ever watch the results show if I like the performers...." Well I didn't think they would have someone I liked so soon! I LOVE Rascal Flatts! They are my second favorite group to see in concert! I thought they did a great job.
And then of course, in typical DWTS nature, the rest of the results show was just plain weird. I probably should've watched the costume bit, but I had to watch the show quickly before bed.
I am so glad that Pro Jack is gone! It is about time! And I really hope that Rodeo Dude improves next week so that he can stick around a little bit longer. I think I would like to see LT leave next...yeah, I know he has some fans out there, but I just find him boring and kind of a wannabe, like he's trying to keep up with the sports stars of past season.

Dancing Newbie

YAY!!!! Steve O is finally gone! I usually watch the results show in fast forward but I like the Rascal Flatts so I enjoyed the show last night. The part about the costumes was really cute, I laughed when Larry said Eddyta was allergic to clothes but he had to put more on her because his mom was going to be watching. I'm not a fan of the group dance like was mentioned it's either really good or really bad..guess we'll have to see how it turns out.