DAG gone it! Grier's rear gets the boot from DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Surprise ending, that one. Thought for sure LT was gone home. Judging by the gasps, the crowd (and judges?) felt likewise. DAG improved his scores and STILL didn't have enough points/votes to stay. How low was he BEFORE the dance-off. BTW, what did y'all think of the dance-off format? Glad they brought back the encore too. Good job, Jennifer, in speculating that DAG would be in the bottom two. We all thought MTV Jack--- would go, but we all were wrong. I'm not hating him, so I'm not bummed he's still around. LOL BarB at the Jerry Lewis comparison! Dancing Newbie, like you I noticed the poor posture of MTV Jack--- and thought about his back troubles. Not sure anyone's bummed about DAG leaving. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The weaker dancers still remaining appear to be (in a particular order) MTV Jack---, LT and Rodeo Dude. So here's a question for discussion: If all three manage to stick around a little longer, which of the contenders would be sacrificed first? (Like last year, when Frau Phyllis survived and Toni Braxton went home. Sorry for bring that up, Sinatra. And like a few seasons back when somehow Cheetah Girl left early.) I'll reserve my opinion until I read yours.



OK, the "dance-off" is stupid! How is it a "dance-off" if the better dancer doesn't win. It still has to do with the popularity vote. This is not American Idol where America completely gets to choose. This should involve their dancing ability and if it comes to a dance-off, then the one with the higher judges scores should win. I'm not to upset about DAG leaving, and he and Kym took it well. I just don't see the point of a dance-off if it doesn't make a difference anyway. That's just IMO.


Cute headline!
I fast-forwarded most of the show...(BTW the only way I will ever watch any of the results show is if DanceCenter is on, or if I like any of the guest performers such as New Kids on the Block...which, hey, they should do a guest performance because, after all, Joe McIntyre was a former DWTS contestant). Sorry about that rant (and run-on sentence) everyone.
I have to agree with Barb about the Dance-Off. There has got to be another way, although I'm not sure having it ultimately come down to the judges' opinions is the answer. It really doesn't make any sense. They should've just left it the way it was in previous seasons.
Which contender could get sacrificed despite the weaker dancers? I'm going to have to say Black Barbie. I think Julianne and her boyfriend have a fan base because of their cuteness, so I think they will be OK.


Correction, Mr. Blogger!

I'M bummed about DAG getting the boot. It was WAY too early for him to leave. His work ethic has been nothing short of impressive. Was hoping to see the same on the dance floor, but Carrie Anne nailed it: He and Kym just haven't connected on the dance floor. Oh well.

I disagree Rodeo Dude is one of the weakest dancers. OK, maybe he is, but his a blast. If improvement is the name of the game, he and DAG deserve lots-o-accolades. What a marvelously natural sense of humor. I'd say Julianne's boy toy is a weaker dancer; I wouldn't mind seeing him go. My luck, LT will go first and we'll have to see Jacka-- longer. Although his miming was superb.

Dancin' Queen

Hey everyone! We were on vacation and are in the final stages of a home remodel...but I am still keeping up with DWTS!! :):) Short quick comments cause I'm so far behind...
1. LOVE the dance-off! Don't understand it scoring wise...I just like seeing the pressure situation and how each dancer reacts to it. I like that they actually do improve the 2nd time they do it. It's happened with every dance couple.

2. VERY VERY BUMMED about DAG getting booted. Wish LT had gone between the two. He seems "danced-out" and resigned to leave. David was very enjoyable and also a good dancer. Very sorry to see him go. Actually Steve-O should have gone...but his time will come.

3. I had originally picked Gilles, Shawn and Chuck for my top 3. I'm not ready to give up on any of them yet....but i think only Gilles is the for sure one. Lil' Kim is fast becoming one of my favorites to be in the top 3...she should probably replace Chuck...but agree with others here...they have a very big fan base!


Welcome back BarB (on the previous post) and Dancin' Queen (on this one). Guess I was wrong about the love for DAG. Good guess about Black Barbie, Jennifer. Could be right. And BTW - kudos to Jennifer for noting Bill Gates' Rival's tongue-and-cheek reference to Bruno's "I'm Still Standing." Yes, Bruno was hillariously featured as a dancer in that Elton John video, wearing some - uhm - interesting get-ups. To view that video, click here: http://seriouslyomg.com/?p=10529


I forgot to ask: Who liked the topless men dancers in long skirts? Very disturbing! We definitely fast forwarded that routine.