French Guy still in the lead on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


So it was the Viennese waltz and paso doble. Here's a dance-by-dance review, in order of their performances: Julianne's Boyfriend - Beautiful waltz. Great choreography. Noted his improved performance. Surprised Carrie Ann didn't. BTW - Saw McCartney's Ex. LT - Liked his mean look in the paso. Music was a little more exciting than the dance. LOL at Tom: "Hey Bruno - good strategy. Get in his face." So far, no paso has eclipsed the best DWTS paso. Stroll down memory lane by clicking here. Olympic Gymnast - Another beautiful waltz. Romantic. Comeback performance. Melissa - Lots of kicks with this paso. Good musicality. Blunders for her still net 8s. Bruno's got a crush. BTW - Were those her parents, the ones who didn't want to be on camera for "The Bachelor"? DAG - This waltz wasn't beautiful or romantic IMO, but it was classy and a bit intriguing. Good performance. French Guy - Pre-dance segment built hype, and they delivered! Loved the intensity and crisp moves. Great musicality. Best paso of the night by far. Sorry it was too hectic for Len. Deserved a 30. BTW - noted the cameo of Sabrina aka Cheetah Girl. (She was robbed!). MTV Jack--- Pierre the Mime? Is he trying to compete with French Guy? Noted that he was still in character while at the judges' table. Actually liked this waltz. Thought a 7 should've been thrown in there. Rodeo Dude - Liked the field trip to see the bulls. Liked the Heart tune. Didn't like their paso, though. Agreed that it was too stiff, mechanical. Thought it seemed slower than what the song called for. Black Barbie - Technically sound and fluid, and IBO (In Bruno's Opinion) a sexy waltz. Could see her in the semifinals ahead of Julianne's Boyfriend. * * * SUMMARY: My three finalists enjoyed another good night, with French Guy, Olympic Gymnast and Melissa getting the top, second-highest and fourth-highest scores, respectively. (Black Barbie tied Melissa for second.) At the bottom, MTV Jack--- earned a combined 18. LT had a 20, Rodeo Dude a 21, DAG a 22 and Julianne's Boyfriend a 23. Who do you think will be in the bottom-two dance-off Tuesday? IMO - MTV Jack--- and LT, with the former getting the boot. Wouldn't mind seeing Rodeo Dude get one more crack at the paso. What do you think? Please share...



The show was decent last night. I loved French Guy's performance. He clearly stands out from the rest. Should I make the bold prediction that he will win the mirrorball this season?
And as usual, Tiny Gymnast and Melissa were great. BTW, Melissa's parents have been in the audience before, along with her new boyfriend. I think they were even there for Week 1. It probably would be nicer to see your daughter compete in a dancing contest rather than a bachelorette contest. During rehearsals when she was trying to think of something to get mad about, all she had to do was think of Jason and Molly being blissfully happy together at her expense....
Anyways, LOL at Pierre the Mime trying to compete with French Guy...I think good ol' Pierre is going home tonight. I'm not sure who he will be with in the bottom two...It could be Dag, but it SHOULD be LT, although he seems to have a lot of fans(?).

Dancing Newbie

I enjoyed the show last night. I've noticed Melissa's parents in the audience a couple times now. I'm sure it's a slap to Jason that they'll come watch their daughter dance but wouldn't meet him. I noticed improvement in a lot of the couples, everybody is working hard. My top three remain the same, it's going to be close but if the French Guy keeps it up he'll be this years winner. They danced great last night, I didn't feel taht it was too hectic and it deserved a perfect score. The bottom two this week in my opinion will be MTV Jack (I noticed how bad his posture was before a comment was made about it) and Rodeo Dude and MTV Jack will be leaving the show. LT could also be in the bottom two for some reason the judges don't like him at all, they never have anything nice to say to him.


I'm agreeing with everyone's predictions for bottom two. I think Steve-O will leave. I finally decided who he reminds me of-- Jerry Lewis, just with a deeper pitch of voice. Anyway, he tried his best, I'm sure his injuries haven't helped him, now he's done for.
French Guy continues to impress. I wasn't prepared to see him bare chested. Cheryl is pulling all the tricks and he is her sexy little toy. But he is proving to be a good dancer as well.


BTW, Matt, you just love to take us to the clip of Apollo's and Julianne's Paso. Well, I watched it again and I agree it really was the best they've had on the show. I think that was my favorite season so far. They were really fun to watch.