MTV Jack--- has a lot to prove tonight

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Well a lot of us correctly guessed the "bottom three" but only Dancing Newbie and I correctly picked Bimbo and Bill Gates' Rival as the two getting the boot. Thanks to all who replied, including newcomer NFL Guy. BTW - where's BarB and Dancin' Queen? They usually offer some insight and good guesses. Hope to hear from you after tonight's show. The 9 remaining celebs fall into three categories IMO: Final three — French Guy, Melissa and Olympic Gymnast Contenders (should one of the aforementioned three fall) — Black Barbie, Julianne's Boyfriend and Rodeo Dude Pretenders — MTV Jack---, LT and DAG Obviously MTV Jack--- has a lot to prove tonight. I like LT, but he needs to lighten up and have fun. Nobody questions his work ethic though. (Thanks for pointing that out, NFL Guy). DAG, with a poor performance, could be a surprise casualty if MTV Jack--- has a breakout performance. What do y'all think? Please share.