Perfection reached on DWTS; which 2 get the boot tonight?

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


We saw the first 10 (sort of), and then the first 30 on Monday. We also saw Black Barbie and Rodeo Dude (really?) emerge as contenders. Are you still confident with your final three? And we saw two new dances - the Lindy Hop and the Argentine tango. What did you think of those? Let's hop and tango our way through last night's performances, in order of their appearances: DAG - High-energy Lindy. Fun. Great handstand on his part. Loved the Barry M. song choice. Black Barbie - Top-notch choreography. While watching it, I thought, "This is really, really good." Turns out, IMO, it was the most enjoyable tango of the night. BTW - I take issue with the statement: "This is the first 10 of the season." Bill Gates' Rival posted one last week. Combined, of course. Julianne's Boyfriend - Agreed with the judges: It was a fun Lindy, but it didn't wow me. Appropriately scored. LT - Lots of standing around and letting the girl dance with this one. But it certainly wasn't as bad as the 5 "Little Lenny Hard Butt" awarded him. The 7s Carrie Ann and Bruno scored were more appropriate. BTW - LT was ticked at getting that 5, wasn't he? Rodeo Dude - I'm really liking this couple. LOL at "we just need to get you a shorter dress." They won't have problems finding one in the DWTS wardrobe, will they? Also LOL at Tom's "Samantha's voice is disappearing faster that my 401k." As for their Lindy, great routine! High-energy and fun to watch. Great to see a 9 and two 8s here. Bill Gates' Rival - Will he be in the bottom 3 (and one of the two going home) tonight? When they announced he would be doing the tango and not the Lindy, I thought, 'They're trying to get him booted, that's for sure.' But it wasn't horrible. Noted his quick math: three 4s is 20 percent higher than his combined 10 a week ago. BTW - what did you think of Karina's dress (does that little amount of connected material still qualify as a dress?). Another BTW - he misquoted Jesus. As Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount recorded at Matthew 5:5, it's the MEEK who shall inherit the earth, not the GEEKS. And Jesus was referencing Psalm 37:11, which states that same. Interestingly, that same Psalm adds in verse 29 that meek and righteous people will live on this earth forever. Not that today's society doesn't consider meek people to be geeky, because they're different. But I had to set the record straight on that one. And now back to DWTS... Melissa - Good dancing, lots of challenging lifts - best Lindy of the night. Agreed with Carrie Ann: Tony's best-ever choreography. First dance with TWO 10s this season. He's certainly having fun with a great dancer this season, isn't he? Noted the OUCH in rehearsals. Bimbo - Started good, then she fell off the stool. That's amended from my initial thought: Started good, then the music started and she got off the stool. Actually, I didn't hate this tango as much as the judges. Nice flip. Nice bruise. Bottom three member tonight ... WITHOUT A DOUBT! MTV Jack--- - It was OK. Noted the problems with timing and musicality. But I like the effort. And a brilliant observation on his part: He did so much better than last week, with the judges saying so, and yet they gave him the EXACT SAME SCORE as last week. "What are they thinking?" French Guy - I know the judges were falling all over themselves with this tango, but I actually found it a little boring. Derek and Black Barbie's was more interesting IMO. Still, this one earned three 10s. First perfection of Season 8. BTW - I kind of like Samantha not being able to talk much. Olympic Gymnast - Liked the pre-dance gym segment. Had high expectations. And IMO they came through. The judges were way too critical, and underscored this Lindy. And while I really enjoyed Rodeo Dude's Lindy, it was inferior to this one. And yet scored the same. Did they punish her for being an Olympic gymnast and incorporating some of that into the routine? Please share your thoughts. * * * OUTLOOK - I'm still comfortable with my final three: French Guy, Melissa and Olympic Gymnast. How about y'all? If you want to review your choices, click here. I predict MTV Jack---, Bimbo and Bill Gates' Rival will be in the bottom three tonight, and the latter two will be sent home. That being said, I won't be shocked if LT is in the bottom three and sent home. I like him, but the judges don't and he's not as engaging as past NFL stars on DWTS. * * * YOUR TAKE - Please share your thoughts on who goes home tonight and some of the questions asked above.


Dancing Newbie

I enjoyed the show Monday night. I was a little nervous about the new dances but I really enjoyed both the Lindy and the Tango. I agree that Black Barbie's tango was much better than the French Guy's. Julieanne's Boyfriend was on the radio Tuesday morning complaining about French Guy's perfect score, he feels French Guy is the judge's favorite and didn't deserve those super high scores. I'm sticking with my top 3, they all did great Monday night. My guess for the bottom 3 are MTV Jack, Bimbo, and Bill Gate's Rival with Bimbo and Bill Gate's Rival heading home. I think MTV Jack has a huge fan base but he'll be heading home soon plus there is no way Bill Gate's Rival can last another week!


Besides the first 30 of the season, it was a series first: Karina was wearing a skimpier outfit and showing more skin than Edyta!

Woz Warrior

Woz stays. MTV guy and Playmate go.


I really didn't think I would enjoy watching the Lindy, but it was SO entertaining. All of the performances were great! My top three were: 3. Tiny Gymnast; 2. Rodeo Dude; and 1. Melissa. I agree with the judges, the gymnast's performance had way too much gymnastics, not enough dancing and musicality. (But it was entertaining nonetheless). And BTW, I may have been mistaken, but I thought I heard Bruno call Rodeo Dude "John Boy". Did I hear that right? Regardless, I think it funny!
Also, while on the subject of Bruno, did you catch Bill Gates' Rival's comment: "I've got three words for you Bruno...'I'm Still Standing'" That was hilarious, alluding to Bruno's role as a backup dancer in Elton John's video for the song of the same name. In case anyone hasn't seen it, it's on youtube.
Bottom three tonight? Bill Gates' Rival, Pro Jack and Bimbo. Pro Jack and Bimbo are going home. And I agree that LT may be in jeopardy.
Outlook for the final three? I'm admitting that I was mistaken in choosing Julianne's boyfriend. He's not doing so hot. So I have to agree with the majority of the bloggers: Olympic Gymnast, Melissa and French Guy.


IMO if LT can withstand another round, look out - He is one of the fiercest competitors - In the cutaways, look at him in practice - he is the first I have ever heard, say, "Can we stay longer (sic: practice studio)?" The judges give these guys a rougher time than many of the others, not sure why - will concede last evenings performance was average (in judge terminology that rates a 20 or 21, not a 19) - - - - Not sure I understand the double elimination business - Think Steve and Steve-O need to go, see no real opportunity for improvement - Also, body language and facial expressions of their partners seem to say they are tired of their respective acts, as well (All of the above is clearly, IMO ONLY!) Peace