Surprise! Charlie's Ex sent packing on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Before they announced the first four who were safe, I told my wife: "How about the three tied for first place and a shocker." And sure enough, it played out exactly that way, with Bill Gates' Rival being the shocker. Next shocker: MTV Jack--- survived as well. So, as I heard someone say, it came down to a battle of the bimbos. Most of us thought Bimbo would be in the bottom two. None of us predicted Charlie's Ex would go. Felt sorry for Charlie's Ex, though. After greatly improving her scores in the dance-off, she must of thought she would survive. Not so. Who would've thought Maks would get booted before his fianceé Katrina (Bill Gates' Rival's partner). Ouch. BTW - how many votes did Bill Gates' Rival receive to NOT be in the bottom two despite scoring a pair of 3s? Glad I was wrong about that. The novelty hasn't worn off for me, and — judging from some of your comments — you either. He received some lovin' from Dancin' Queen and Julie C on the last post. Loved Hall and Oates' "Maneater" with the early 80s outfits, the tossing of Katina around the dance floor and ending kiss with her and Maks. Smiled, at times, with Frau Phyllis and Mark's Dad demoing next week's new dances. BTW - isn't the dad married? If so, it was a little disturbing with the foot and kiss, and so forth. What did you all think? Please share by commenting below. Oh, and one question I'd love to have answered: They said the 10 was the lowest combined score in six seasons. This is season eight. Who had a 10 (or lower) in Season Two?



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BTW - It was Denise Richards.


No really, I was here to meet Steve-O. All the way from Florida. Yeah, riiiiiiight. Here's the stalker latest —


Boy, the drama keeps coming. Per USA TODAY: "Armed man arrested at 'DWTS' studio trying to meet (Shawn) Johnson" —


We were all wrong, yet not disappointed. Maybe Bimbo will go next week. Even though I didn't care which one lost the dance off, I do think it was a little unfair. I know they want to keep America involved with the voting, but it would be nice of them to use the dance-off as a way of keeping it from being a popularity contest. I think America should vote on who will be in the bottom two, after that it should come down to who really is the better dancer. It didn't really matter this time, but what if it was someone better? Oh well, at least they are trying something new.
Two go home next week? My guesses, Bimbo and Bill Gates' Rival.

Dancing Newbie

This week's result show was quite a shocker. When they announced the first three couples that were safe I told my husband those were the top three favorites for this season. I was so surprised when they said Bill Gate's Rival was safe! Katrina was very surprised based on her scream. I was happy to see Charlie's Ex go but I didn't see it coming, there were a couple of people worse than her. For some reason Bill Gate's Rival and MTV Jack have a huge fan base. Next week I think it's time for Bimbo to go, she's not really improving and isn't fun to watch at all.

I have to admit I didn't watch the part with Corky and Frau Phyllis. Corky is such a strange guy, I don't like watching him at all and was very happy he wasn't on the show this year. He did some weird dances last year.


Best show on TV. This is getting better while Idol is starting to get stale.


I'm so glad Charlie's Ex is gone. What a pleasant surprise. Hopefully it will be Bimbo's turn next week!
I think people are actually entertained by the antics of Bill Gates' Rival and Pro Jack, despite the judges saying that the novelty has worn off. They are at least more likeable than the two bimbos.
Another interesting observation: I was trying to get my kids to sleep, so I was watching the dance-off with the volume turned almost all the way down. It was pretty interesting to watch both performances with very little sound. Bimbo actually looked OK, but Charlie's Ex was a total mess, despite what the judges said; so I was not surprised that she was sent packing.
And I loved seeing Hall and Oates! Who doesn't like them?! (wait, don't answer that) I did find the dancing a bit bizarre though. What was THAT?


Personally I'm glad to see Charlie's Ex go. She was painful to watch on the dance floor, almost as much as the Playboy Bimbo/Hef's Ex-Plaything. Fortunately Denise showed a lot more personality than I expected.

Note to blog commenters (while patting myself on the back): Did you notice DAG's intensity and LT's improvement? Who woulda thunk DAG could leap like that?

LOVED hearing Hall and Oates. Still one of the greatest pop duos. But John, that hairlesss lip is killing me. Bring back the 80s porno 'stache!

For you Carrie Anne fans, here's a link to her latest blog via Entertainment Weekly: It's pretty interesting; I enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff and her insight.


I think I may have found a clue about who had such low scores in Season 2. Anyone remember Master P? He was terrible! (yet he lasted longer than our favorite alumni Kenny Mayne)


who is charlie's never mention the name, plus i have no clue who got sent home...