Who'll join Bill Gates' Rival in dance-off?

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


A lot of nice dances for Week 3, but a little too much samba and foxtrot for me. With that many celebs still left (12), it would've been nice to have a third dance in there to mix it up. Who will join Bill Gates' Rival in the dance-off? Obviously there's NO WAY he won't be eliminated this week, so that should be the only drama tomorrow night. Please offer your predictions at the end. Here's a recap, in the order of the performances: Charlie's Ex - Artsy, waffle-like samba. Didn't really like it. Didn't like Maks as a samba queen either, although LOL at his wardrobe malfunction. Julianne's Boyfriend - Cute foxtrot. Entertaining choreography. BTW - Any openings at the Len Goodman Driving School? Bimbo - Potty-mouth in rehersal, potty-worthy performance (as in that would have been a good time for a potty break). Agreed with Carrie Ann: Kind of rough to watch. Noted all the innuendos - match metaphor (hot at top, wooden at bottom); top shelf ... land of plenty; dance was a bust, etc. Poor Dmitry - he should be dancing with Jewel AND HE'S NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT: "It's hard" in answer to Samantha's question. MTV Jack--- - Started elegant and turned mistake laden. Too bad they couldn't judge the rehearsal again. I want to root for him. He might get the sympathy vote. He's not that far behind Charlie's Ex (one point) and Bimbo (two points) with the judges' scores. LT - Great samba. Loved the groove. Time well spent in practice. Underscored AGAIN! Olympic Gymnast - Foxtrot with a prom feel. Loved watching them glide across the floor. Also loved the tune with an early 70s feel. IMO - best foxtrot of the night (sorry Melissa). French Guy - A whole lotta shakin' going on. Bruno: A throbbing red-hot poker he's become. BTW - that was dedicated to Mom? A little disturbing. Foxtrots are better "this one's for Mom" dances. Sexy sambas - not so much. Liked Cheryl's reviews in practice: "Weak. Horrible." Overall, I liked this dance; didn't love it. But the judges did, and it's their 9s that count. DAG - Fun, enjoyable foxtrot to watch. Showcased the celeb. Agreed with Len: His best dance yet. Bill Gates' Rival - The uncle at the party still makes me laugh. High marks for entertainment value with his samba. The first 10 of the season (as in 4, 3, 3). I don't think I've ever seen a 3 on DWTS - and tonight we saw TWO of them here. No comment on the worm attempt. Harsh judges. And yet, with the new format, they're going to make him do it AGAIN. BTW - an ambulance run for a hamstring? Why can't they ever just drive the person to the hospital. "Oh no! I broke a nail. Call 9-1-1. Get the stretcher. Ohhhhh!" Melissa - Fluid, elegant foxtrot. Noted the good musicality. ABC loves her, that's for sure. BTW - it's always interesting to see what the makeup/wardrobe people do to cover up her tattoo. Black Barbie - Now that's a samba with a carnival feel. It didn't get as high of marks as French Guy's, but IMO it was the best samba of the night. It worked for Bruno, that's for sure. And Len likes her bionic booty. Rodeo Dude - I wondered why they were saving him for the last dance. Then I saw the number. Nice work. Impressive foxtrot. Great recovery after her slip. LOL at "we hadn't practiced that one." * * * SEASON SUMMARY - The final three candidates seem to be pulling away as French Guy, Melissa and Olympic Gymnast all scored 27s. The next three contenders seem to be Julianne's Boyfriend, Black Barbie and DAG. The other six will be knocked off, one by one, week by week (in this particular order, perhaps) - Bill Gates' Rival, Bimbo, MTV Jack---, Charlie's Ex, LT and Rodeo Dude. That's how I see it, any way. How about you all? YOUR TAKE - Please share who you think will be in the bottom two (IMO - Bill Gates' Rival and Bimbo) and how you see the rest of the season shaping up in terms of competition. I look forward to reading your comments. Until then ...



I'm here late so all I want to say is to Samantha: If you ask stupid questions, you will get stupid answers. Is she already running out of interview questions?


First of all, Matt, LOL at your comment about Charlie's Ex: "artsy, waffle-like samba". Were you alluding to Carrie Ann's comment about "pancake hands." ... Waffles? Pancakes? Funny!
Anyways, as I was watching the recap of last night's performances, I realized that there are some pretty strong contenders. Rodeo Dude even stepped it up with his classy performance.
I agree with the Season Summary observations, although I feel rather silly for predicting that Julianne's Boyfriend will be in the final three...doesn't look like that is going to happen.
Who's in the bottom two tonight? Bill Gates' Rival for sure, and probably Pro-Jack. I'm hoping I'm wrong though, because I really do want Bimbo to leave. Her buxom physique is all she has to offer! She's annoying!

Julie C

It is tough to say, but my guess would be Steve-O and Woz in the bottom two. I'll be sad to see Woz go because he is such a good sport! Also, I really thought Holly was going to dramatically improve but she hasn't! She is just so stiff! I think Lil Kim is going to really step things up and that she will become a front runner.

Dancin' Queen

Hi all,
I think the judges were SO TOTALLY rude to the Woz....I mean did Master P EVER get a three?!?!?! I was SO MAD about it...most of my online votes went to him. Woz is positive, trying hard, working thru an injury and all he gets his grief from the judges. PLUS...I enjoyed his dance...I thought it was great fun. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Also Carrie Anne's comment to Melissa..."There is something about you I don't like, but I don't know what it is." HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is a JUDGE saying this...and she gets paid for being a JUDGE! Yikes! Did she really mean: "I don't like you, cause you're so good, but I can't say that in front of a TV audience."

OK...now I'm done nit-picking the judges...LOL...to the dances!!! Loved the Rodeo Guy and Lil Kim and Gilles. Some GREAT music for the fox trot....which is one of my favorite dances to DANCE and to WATCH. Just lovely. :):)

Bottom two?
SHOULD BE: Holly & Steve O

WILL BE: Holly and Woz

Going home? SHOULD BE: Holly!!!
WILL BE? HOLLY!!!!!!!!!

Dancing Newbie

It's very obvious that Bill Gate's Rival is going to be in the bottom two tonight and going home. I've never seen such low scores on this show, I didn't even know they could score a dance a 3! I'm really hoping that Bimbo is going to be in the bottom two tonight, she's not getting any better and it doesn't seem that she's really trying. I couldn't believe she was such a potty mouth, they had to beep her out for a long time.

I really thought MTV Jack would do better than what he is. He does a bunch of stupid stunts all the time and doesn't get hurt but the ball room seems to be tough on him. Did anybody else notice his little fall on the steps and how much pain he seemed to be in afterwards?

I totally agree that the three final candidates are pulling away early this season. I also agree that Julianne's boyfriend is doing much better and I think he'll be around for awhile. As a side note on WGAR they interview him every Tuesday morning and he's such a sweet guy and really having fun.

Matt I've noticed that Melissa has had glitter or a design on her back every week, I didn't put two and two together until you said something about ABC covering her tattoo.

My guess is that the bottom two this week are going to be Bimbo and Bill Gate's Rival and Bill Gate's Rival will be leaving. I don't think MTV Jack will be in the bottom two just because he's been hurt and he's got a fan base, we'll see what happens.