Vacation - all she never wanted / vacation - forced to get away

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Well I guess I just used my last Go-Gos song reference. That's because Go-Go-Dancer didn't have the beat and voters weren't head of heels for her. Oh, I guess I just used two more. Cool. Kudos to Dancin' Queen for correctly picking that to happen on the last blog entry. (And Jennifer, too, for suggesting that could happen). Quite impressive. Agree that Go-Go Dancer really transformed into Jacko's XMIL. Sorry I didn't post earlier; busy week, it was. Liked the first results show. Jotted down some notes about Soap Star (Cameron), Mickey Rooney (If Cloris can do it…) and Demetri and Bimbo, but I have no idea what I wanted to write. Liked the smack talkin' celebs, though. Looking forward to tonight. Looking forward to reading all of your observations. Until then…