Dancing improves, injuries mount on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Maybe they should call it DWTIS - "Dancing With The INJURED Stars"! Or as my wife joked: "Breaking The Stars." More bumps, bruises, breaks, tears and mic-pack-induced back injuries surfaced during Week 2 of DWTS Season 8 on Monday. Here's a recap/review, in order of the performances: Bimbo - Every day is a 'Holly Day' especially when you're running for the bus. BTW - did the judges get new sparkly paddles? DAG - A cute, somewhat comical salsa not well received by the judges. Len says: All sizzle (translation-Kym) and no sausage (???). Charlie's Ex - Can't go wrong with a "Grease" song. Better footwork than the other bimbo. (Oops - did I write "other"? Sorry about that.) Improvement noted. Go-Go Dancer - Very confident with her salsa. Great beginning, slow-motion the rest of the way. Didn't make me go head over heels. Appropriately scored with three 6s. Rodeo Dude - Love his dry sense of humor. "I just don't want to go out there and be horrible again." Well, he got his wish. Much more entertaining this time around. A quick-step with a "butterfly" feel. BTW - did you notice Len isn't "Mr. Crankypants" with his comments this season? His scores are still lower than Carrie Ann and Bruno at times, but at least he's being nice about it. Olympic Gymnast - Bam-BAM! Precise, entertaining salsa. The musiciality is def. there with this one. Bruno needs to be reminded that she's only 17! We don't need to raise the Naughty Meter. As it is, she's "never been allowed to dance like this," and it was very clean. Let's keep it that way. Bill Gates' Rival - Like the antics. Question: what's with the pink boa for every dance? Another injured star, this one who is like Wally with rusty edges and in need of spare parts. He's fun to watch, though. Julianne's Partner - Julianne hid him with this dance, and the judges called her on it. Great pants, though. Also liked his dig at future brother-in-law Derek. Note to Samantha - many things with Derek and Julianne have been a bit weird in the past. And yes, "We ALL know what Bruno wants." LT - Graceful quick step. Seemed short and slow, but sound. THIS was def. the better of his two. Much improved. MTV Jack--- - Agreed with the judges - wasn't enjoyable to watch. Sorry about his injury. Too bad about the dress rehersal review. BTW - can I get a copy of the official DWTS Rule Book that Tom referenced? Black Barbie - Cute quick step. Great choreography. But boy Len took them to task about the lack of contact. Liked her excuse. Melissa - Energetic, sizzling salsa. I though they were going to have to restrain Bruno. Maybe he could be the "Bachelor" one season. (My appologizes to his wife if he's married - for several reasons.) Did they really praise TONY for his choreography? Wow. French Guy - Too bad about his seperated shoulder. He's becoming more and more like the New Ricky Martin, except with a French accent. I didn't like this dance as much as the judges, but it's their marks that count. Three 9s. Wow. * * * YOUR TAKE - Tonight there will be a dance-off involving the couples in the bottom two, and then someone will be sent home. So my question to all of you is this: Which two will be in the bottom two, and which one will leave? Please share your thoughts about this, as well as any other observations, by posting comments below.



Great job for only the second dances. I was very impressed by Olympic Gymnast and Melissa. I guess I'll still keep them in my final three. Still not sure about Julianne's boyfriend. She definitely hid him with her dancing around him. There is something about them that makes me uncomfortable. They are an adorable couple, it just seems that Julianne is going to take things (comments & critique) especialy personal. It was cute how he "wowed" when she was showing her latin moves.
I'm thinking MTV Jack and Bill Gates' Rival in the bottom two. I still don't care so much for the Bimbo, but her dancing wasn't too bad this time, and as I've said before, it's a dance contest, not a personality contest.


Jennifer, I totally agree about Go-Go Dancer looking like XMIL. Sometimes we wonder if it is her.


It is really tough to decide who will be in the bottom two this week. I would say it would be Bill Gates' Rival and Pro Jack (MTV guy), but I'm not sure if they will do that, considering Pro Jack's injury...seems kinda cruel. Rodeo Dude has definitely improved, so I think he will stick around another week at least.
Actually, I am totally unimpressed with Go-Go Dancer. She reminds me too much of XMIL from two seasons ago, like she's trying too hard to stay young and hip (and Botoxed). There is a possibility that she could be in the bottom two.
On the other end of the spectrum, I really liked Melissa and French Guy's performances, although the Superman thing was kinda cheesy. And besides, DWTS already did Superman with the Soap Guy a few seasons ago. I loved the costumes though!
Finally, I just have to say that my favorite LOL moment of the show was DAG's inpersonation of Bruno. "I couldn't even understand what he said!" Hilarious! (although Bruno seemed rather offended)


Improvement was the name of the game. Hate to be the downer, but I have to be realistic: French Guy's dance left A LOT to be desired. He didn't deserve the high scores he got. This wasn't Olympic Gymnast's best dance either. Even at 17, we needed to see more hip action.

Melissa gets my kudos for Best Night of the Dance and Most Enthusiasm. Her salsa felt and looked like a real salsa. Absolutely loved it.

Steve-O and Computer Geek will be facing the dance-ff.

Dancing Newbie

I'm finally caught up on Monday night's show and I have to agree it was so much better this week! My top three are still Melissa, French Guy, and Olympic Gymnast but everyone showed improvement. I have to say that Bill Gate's Rival is a horrible dancer but he's so positive! My bottom three are Bill Gate's Rival, Go-Go Dancer, and MTV Jack and I think that any of them could go home on Tuesday. My bottom two are Bill Gat'es Rival and MTV Jack, I think they'll do the dance off. Now I'm off to watch Tuesday's show.

Dancin' Queen

Wow--that was SO MUCH BETTER this week! Very enjoyable! Loved Shawn's costume--so cute!! And her dance was great....so was lil kim. Everyone very much improved..... With Steve-O out of the show??...will they still do the dance off? Didn't he get 1/2 decent scores the first week? SOOOOOOOOOOO.....my bottom two picks are:
Go-Go Dancer

and Go-Go Dancer is gone gone.

Think the computer guy is having too much fun not to continue at least another week. The rodeo guy improved a bunch. Think this will rescue them from the dreaded red light.