Looks like a fun season of DTWS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Captivating Season 8 premiere. Liked the diversity in terms of celebs. There's no one I really want to see go home right away, so it looks like it's going to be a fun, enjoyable season. ABC landing Melissa for DWTS: Brilliant! And judging from her only 48-hours-to-train performance and her immense popularity with voters, she's going to stick around for a while.

Here's a quick critique of the dancers (and their labels), in the order of their performances:

Black Barbie (Lil’ Kim) - Not bad. Liked the labels she gave herself and Derek, er, I mean Ken. She's not Final Three material yet, but she could be. BTW this blog also is dedicated to all her girls in the Federal Detention Center. I'm sure they're reading.

Go-Go Dancer (Belinda Carlisle) - I wasn't 'mad about her' with this number, but it wasn't horrible either. Slightly awkward at times but generally nice. And no, Bruno, that was NOT Frau Phyllis - no way, no how! LT (Lawrence Taylor) - I liked this number. Lots of moves, especially solo stuff. A fun cha-cha to watch. Deserving of better scores.

MTV Jack--- (Steve-O) - Everyone just had to work "jackass" into their spiel, didn't they? Agreed with Len: I expected much, much worse. Creepy music, kind of Edward Scissorhandsish, accompanying a funeral waltz. Kept my attention, though.

French Guy (Gilles Marini) - Maybe Cheryl wouldn't have to tell him to look like a man and not dance so feminine if his first name wasn't pronounced JILL. A sexy cha-cha. Lady's favorite, I'm sure. BTW was Bruno taking a shot at World's Fastest Man when he told Cheryl: "Now you have something to play with"?

Julianne's Boyfriend (Chuck Wicks) - Looked like a wedding dance. Noted the lift before Carrie Ann scolded them. LOL at Len: "Your posture is a little bit bizzare." Agreed with Carrie Ann: He's gracefull.

Bimbo (Holly Madison) - Wasn't horrible. Well, maybe it was. A newborn deer: Bambi? Another appropriate name. Thought Bruno would like her.

Rodeo Dude (Ty Murray) - He has the potential to show the most improvement. There's always next week. At least Jewel isn't waiting too long into the season to perform in front of her hubby. I'd say next week is probably a good idea. I do like his personality, though. He's very real. Liked his line: "That's like a cheerleader thing."

Olympic Gymnast (Shawn Johnson) - Paired with Mark, she looked like a little Cheetah Girl (Sabrina). Graceful. Elegant. Great start for the early favorite.

Bill Gates' Rival (Steve Wozniak) - Were there really TWO 4s in the judges' scoring? Wow. A teletubby? Ouch. Still, was it as bad as Kenny Mayne's lone DWTS performance? Judge for yourself by clicking here.

DAG (David Alan Grier) - Looking forward to his comic relief each week. Enjoyable waltz, even if his bottom did stick out. BTW - did you know Carrie Ann was a Fly Girl on "In Living Color" from 1990 to 1992? Should she be allowed to judge DAG? Inquiring minds want to know...

Charlie's Ex (Denise Richards) - She says she can take the criticism but she obviously CAN'T take the criticism. A little restrictive and guarded on her dance. Not as bad as several others.

Melissa (Melissa Rycroft) - All sorts of label name possibilities here: Jilted Bachelorette; He Loves Me He, Loves Me Not; Ex Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader; Not Molly. But in the end, it's simply Melissa. And let me tell you, wow! Only 48 hours, and she earned a pair of 8s and a 7. That doesn't bode well for all those people who had six weeks and scored 4s, 5s and 6s. Beautiful, fluid waltz. Great posture. BTW - did you know she's got a new boyfriend already? Read about it here.

* * *

So that's the recap. Again, looks like it will be a fun season. Welcome back, everyone. It's your comments that make this a fun blog, so keep up the good work. And for all you first-time viewers, welcome!

Something the regulars on this blog already know: We all give our Week 1 "Final Three" predictions, and then when we get to the finals, I call up this post and review what we all thought and award a Mirror Ball Trophy to the closest guesser. Last season BarB won it, so she's the reigning champ.

Here's that post. First I'll share my prediction. Then I look forward to yours.

Final Three: Olympic Gymnast, French Guy and Melissa. Now let's hear from all of you!


Dancing Newbie

I'm late at posting but it's not Monday yet so I think I'm going to make the cutoff! I just finished watching the show last night and I was surprised at all the LOW scores! I have to admit there are some bad dancers this season. Bill Gates' Rival and Rodeo Dude come to mind, but I have to admit they looked like they were having fun and giving their all. I didn't like Bimbo at all, I felt like she did more walking around than dancing. I'm so happy ABC picked up Melissa, that was a great way for them to get more people to watch the show.

I couldn't believe Charlie's Ex cried during the first week, that was one part my husband watched with me and he was laughing that it was only the first week and she was already crying.

After watching the first show I'm going to join everyone else and say my top three are:

French Guy, Melissa, and Olympic Gymnast


UPDATE: MTV Jack (aka Steve-O) sounds like he's hurtin' for certain after a salsa injury. Go to this E! Online story for the latest: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/...


Welcome back, everyone! Thanks for all the comments. It's good to hear from last season's regulars (BarB, Cary, Dancin' Queen, Dancing Newbie and Jennifer -- still missing Sinatra, though) as well as new posters - Alicia Aguilar, Julie C, Marie, Susan and SusanSahiba. Your final 3 predictions have been duly noted.

Looking forward to tonight's episode. I plan to create a new post soon after the show. So please check back and share your thoughts.

Until then...

Dancin' Queen

Hello everyone! Great to see all the new people posting this season! I'm just getting in under the wire as well. A little hard to judge based on only one dance, and it's definitely "open season" with no front runners... so a little hard to pick. But that's what makes it fun!!

With that in mind, I'm looking more at the pro partners than the guest stars. Previous winners like Cheryl, Mark, Derek and Julianne IMHO have the advantage. Cheryl's strength is knowing to to emphasize her partners abilities. Julianne's strength is her innovative choreography. Mark instills confidence into his partners and Derek also has amazing choreography (probably runs in the family! LOL!)

So my top three are:
1. Shawn
2. Gilles
3. Chuck

I'm not going with Melissa, cause I don't think she'll make it for the long haul... Shawn imho is 'iffy' too cause of her age...some of the dances (like they did with Cody) are going to look to too mature for her. She's my personal favorite, just cause I like her the best :)

I think Julianne's work commitment will come out HUGE....and she may feel she has something to prove dancing with the boyfriend....so that's why I'm putting her in my top 3.


LOT of fun last night; I hadn't laughed as hard during DWTS in a while. The music was catchy and quite memorable.

I was pleasantly surprised by how naturally funny Rodeo Dude and Bill Gates' Rival/Computer Geek are. AND Charlie's Ex was nearly as bad as I expected; there's actually some potential. (Did I just say that? Damn, I did!)

LT and Kym get my reward for The Couple Having the Most Fun. Bruno was in full Bruno mode and gets my nod for Mr. Dramatic. The faces he did were hysterical when he did his impression of DAG dancing. DAG is going to be around for a while b/c he looks like such a hard worker. He gets my award for Most Intense. My last award goes to Melissa for Grace Under Pressure.

My top 3: (These weren't the ones I expected initially AND I chose these before the end of the episode): French Guy/Naked Shower Guy (man I didn't need that image in my head - help!), Olympic Gymnast and Melissa. My outside shot is LT (b/c you knew I had to have a fourth!).


As if it weren't bad enough that Melissa got officially dumped on national TV, Jason had the audacity to inform her on the same night, "I want to be with Molly"!!!!! THAT was too much. I kinda understand that he had to break it off because he wasn't feeling it, (better now than on their wedding day) but to tell her that he has fallen for "the other girl"...that was just too much!
(I'm sorry about this Matt, I probably should've blogged about this matter last week, but it's been bottled up inside of me...just HAD to get it out!)
With that being said, I am so happy for Melissa. What a great opportunity and creative outlet after all the turmoil she's been through. I am cheering for her! She did great.
My final three? Melissa, French Guy, and I'm still trying to decide between Black Barbie and Julianne's boyfriend. Can I get back to you before the next show? :)


Forget to ask this:
Did anyone notice Karina's super trashy, sleazy, see-through, BARELY-COVERING-THE-ESSENTIALS outfit came complete with a nice gold cross on a necklace underneath the material? Nice.


Jenny, we'll give you an extension to reveal your final three - but no later than Sunday night ;)

We're interested in why you don't have the preseason favorite, Olympic Gymnast, among your four finalist for the final three. Please share.

Cary, thanks for being the first to post and issuing your first-night awards.

As for the rest of you, please share your final three predictions. Thanks!

Julie C

My predictions for the Top 3:
1) Shawn Johnson
2) Gilles Marini
3) Lil Kim

And yes, Karina's outfit was atrocious! She certainly flirted with the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction! Also, if I had to guess, I think Belinda is go-going home first.


I agree on your final 3!! I was surprised, to be sure! I thought Shawn would be good, but who knew Melissa and Gilles had it?


Clarification.... Shawn, Melissa and Gilles are my final 3.


It's so hard to tell who will be the final three just from the first show. Some people get comfortable and let their talent develop, whereas others just don't have the talent but they might have a strong fan base. Hmm, I'm going with Melissa, David Grier, and Gilles (whom I didn't see dance, but he's hot and looks like he could move well:) How about a vote for the enthusiastic and devoted to improving- Woz.


Shawn Johnson, Melissa Rycroft and Gilles Marini are my top three


Well I re-watched the show...and the Tiny Gymnast is very talented, but I think I will choose Julianne's boyfriend for my third choice. We all know that Julianne works wonders for her partners, and he is already pretty talented...Plus they have the "cute couple" factor. So there's my choice. I may prove to be wrong, but hey, this is all in fun, right? :)
Oh, and yes I noticed Karina's outfit. Funny, I would've expected that out of the Playboy girl.

Alicia Aguilar

Your blog is very well written! I love it! And I have to say...I have enjoyed DWTS the last two seasons, but this is going to be my favorite! I say this for a couple of reasons. First of all, a group of friends of mine have gotten together and we have a DWTS Pool - $5/week. We're having so much fun w/ it. But the main reason is finding people out on the web - especially twitter that are into it. I normally record the show on my DVR and watch it later -- but I think I will be watching live so I can watch with all my new found friends! Thanks!

Okay -- my picks -- Melissa (I love her!!); The naked nextdoor neighbor (HOT); Olympic Bouncer (cutie).


Hey Everybody! I haven't had time to comment before today. It was a fun show to watch. Rodeo Dude had the biggest flub up, but it was more cute than painful to watch. I love that he said "You're never really ready, it just becomes your turn." That's the way with a lot of things in life, isn't it.
It's hard to pick favorites this early. I like Julianne's boyfriend, but it is hard to see how he will do without seeing him dance a faster, more independent style, like the latin dances. So without seeing that I'll go with French guy, Melissa, and Tiny Dancer (or did we change her name? Olympic Gymnast?). Anyway. I'll go with that for now with the right to change after I see them dance a different style.

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