Thoughts on 'Watchmen' opening sequence, 'Wolverine' trailer

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Now that is just strange. Have you seen the opening sequence for "Watchmen"? (If not, go to this Cinema Blend link; I'll wait.)


Back? Good. See what I mean?


I'm just not sure what Zack Snyder is trying to do entirely.


Sure, this montage of sequences gives "Watchmen" a sense of altered history on which the story is based, fills in some storyline gaps and even previews what happens later. But I'm still left going, "Huh?"


I'm scratching my head because I'm unsure of the tone for which Snyder is striving: Tongue in cheek? Documentary? Vaguely camp? Dead serious? Mockumentary? Satirical? Ironic? (All of the aforementioned qualities?)


Having heard how graphic the violence is and steaming the sex scenes are, I wasn't expecting this — whatever this is.


Given the "stylized" opening sequence, what should I expect from the rest of the film? Some of the sequences are entertaining because they are so unexpected. Ummm, more like they made me chuckle; that was especially the case with the Last Supper homage and the recurring appearance of the kissed nurse.


Having the original Silk Spectre's likeness on the side of a war plane fits in with the tradition of adorning planes with pin-up models.


And wouldn't Andy Warhol have painted his take on Nite Owl? (But man, that naked male posterior quickly killed any fan buzz I had going.)


My favorite was Ozymandias standing in the street, seemingly basking in the crowd outside of Studio 54 behind him going wild at whatever heroics he just did. Like the graphic novel, he's a pompous a** who has an over-inflated sense of self-worth. Did you notice the faux Village People in the background?


The perfect, finishing touch was having Ozy walk into the crowd, only to briefly — and effeminately touch hands — with the Ziggy Stardust wannabe as he walked by. Creepy, just like Ozy and his not-so-secret alter ego, Adrian Veidt.


Yet again, The Movie Blog gang has the most honest perspective on the entirety of "Watchmen": "Reviews are still very bipolar with many claiming it as revolutionary genius to utter garbage. I think a lot of that has to do with appreciation for the story and anticipating what you were getting into." (For all of Rodney's thoughts, click here.)


DOES ANYONE ELSE SMELL CHEESE?: As far as 'Wolverine' goes, E! Online's Erik Pedersen is saying what I've been saying about the trailer for "Wolverine" — but a little better: "… any movie that features the hero clinging to the top of a moving vehicle (even if it is a helicopter this time) is highly suspect."


Despite the fact that Wolverine is leaping through the air toward certain maiming, him latching onto the top of the chopper just doesn't do it for me. I couldn't believe that was one of the "money shots" the producers wanted to leave us with.


Pedersen continues: "Then all that dream-sequence-looking stuff—Civil War Wolverine and so on—seems silly out of context. We could go on."


He didn't, but I will.


Those war sequences were just bound to confuse fans since they seem to just randomly included for some sort of wow factor.


On the up side — and there should be one since I've been dogging Wolverine — this last trailer is the best looking one. Still not into the older child Logan having claws, but the showdown between Wolverine and Sabretooth is looking even more promising.



I too liked the chemistry in "Castle." The biggest challenge for the writers is to maintain the sexual heat with flirty, fun dialogue and not make them a couple. Those kind of scenarios always work better when it seems like, "They should, but the writers shouldn't let them."


I agree. They have to "tiptoe" around without crossing the line of intent. Plus, there is always the Gil and Lady Heather syndrome... did they or didn't they?


I missed it. It was taken off the site. Says they want you to buy a ticket and see the movie.

Your line "But man, that naked male posterior quickly killed any fan buzz I had going" helped make decision on seeing it. Sure, I missed out on the clip but I certainly can't miss a naked male posterior........ahahha.

How about "The House on the Left"? Have you read much about that. I just saw the ad briefly but I am trying to catch up. I still have not seen Taken or Slumdog. Just not enough time.


Guess I was lucky to see the clip since it got taken down fairly quickly. I'm sure it will show up on YouTube eventually. Did you read my "Watchmen" graphic novel review? Just wanted to know if you were as scandalized as others at my C+ grade.

FYI the week has gotten away from me, so I haven't blogged on last week's episode. I'll include some thoughts on this week's since I'm working Friday night.

Heard nothing except creepy stuff about "The House on the Left." Did you see last night's "Castle" premiere? Quite good, great dialogue. I hope the writers can keep it up.


I am going to watch "Castle" tonight online so I will write about that later. I am not sure how I missed out on it but I am so glad you brought it to my attention. I think DVR has me missing commercials which is good but has it's drawbacks when it comes to upcoming shows. (I see they just picked up 10 or 13 more episodes!)

I have not heard much good about Watchmen so far. I am still debating on whether to see it.

I watched the CSI from last week twice because it still had me confused but I got it now. I look forward to your take on it. I liked the world revolving around Nick and at the end when he was crying I could hardly take it.

Friday night work? You? What is up with that?


Thanks so much for suggesting I catch "Castle". It was really different. I like the criminal aspect with the comical parts thrown in.
From what I read people liked it so far and Rick Castle is going to help continuously (obviously since that is the premise) but what I was getting at is that I thought he was going to give up the writing to pursue the new adventure but then at the end he was writing. It was clear he has it bad for the detective but I am sure they will fight it, as they do on Bones. Maybe these shows are more real to life than we think. Sometimes it just isn't that easy to get with that person you are spying up!

Castle's Mom was about the same type of person she was a Greg's Mom in Dharma and Greg. She fit the bill nicely.

I like the chemistry between the two main characters even though it is just beginning. The show is an interesting concept.

As you said, it would be great if the readers can keep up and continue with fresh material.