5 days till DWTS starts Season 8

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Monday's the day. Are you excited? Here are a couple of links, provided by Cary: Dancing Cheryl, No more Playboy for Belinda and Lil Kim watched DWTS from prison. If you have any good ones, please add them in the comments for this post. Until then...



Jennifer beat me to the punch on the "Jewel is out, ex-Playboy bunny in" news. Here's the link, regardless: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/...

Has anybody checked Jewel's blog to see what, if anything, she's saying?


I must say that that the "Dancing Cheryl" link had WAY Too Much Information (TMI)! Ewwww!


Hey everyone! Check this out:
(and if it's true, I think it is wonderful news. Good for her!)