'Bachelor' shocker - any thoughts?

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


OK, I'll admit it. I was in the room when my wife watched the "Bachelor" finale and after-the-rose episode Monday night. We also watched Jason Mesnick's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, and that was hilarious! Best exchange - Jason: "I think Melissa and I will be friends against some day" and Jimmy quickly responds: "Oh no you WON'T!" As for Jason’s explanation for publicly dumping his fiancee, Bachelor winner Melissa Rycroft, in favor of runner-up Molly Malaney on Monday night’s finale, he told "People Magazine" the contract he signed with the show's producers spelled out that he had to make the painful declaration on TV. “That was part of the deal. I signed up for it in my contract. Your relationship is — good and bad — in front of everybody,” Mesnic told "People" about the surprising turn of events. You can read the entire article by clicking this link Since we have a week to go before "Dancing With The Stars," I'll provide this forum for anyone who is interested in commenting on the "Bachelor" and it's surprising twist. Any thoughts on tonight's After-the-Rose Pt. 2?