I'm still scratching my head

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Readers, I'm going to need your help on this one.

I still don't think I followed this last episode so well. The wrap-up from the wife made it clear (somewhat), but wasn't there a third person?

And weren't there a couple pets named Gareth as well as a person?

John Schneider. Man, just smack me in the head.

Forgive my french, but that was some piss-poor acting, even from a character who is bad actor stuck in very bad C-grade flicks! Ugh. He made David Caruso look … uh … er … nope, sorry, couldn't say it. Not here on the Internet where it will be 'till Kingdom Come.

The only other observation I had is wasn't it nice to watch an episode without all the neon blue lighting?

Tess, I have to agree; the producers are really trying to experiment a bit. The cinematography style and storytelling is being tweaked, but not so much that it doesn't feel like "CSI."

The brief recaps of scenes earlier in the show that were later expanded to give a better context for later relevations were creative. (That certainly isn't the most stellar sentence I've ever done, but it does make sense if you watched the show.)

One last item: loved seeing Wendy Simms in the field. The writers should do more with her; he has an incredibly appealing personality. And such adorable dimples when she smiles! Sorry. Moving on.

"Don't eat the evidence!" — Now one of my favorite CSI lines.

COUPLE RANDOM FANBOY THOUGHTS: • Tonight's "Brave and the Bold" was nothing short of terrific. Loved the twist of roles. Did you notice we not only had the first (kinda) appearance of The Joker, but also the first mention of The Riddler? How about that shot of the Batmobile heading into the hidden Batcave entrance?

(Go to my man Jett's review for a fresh take from a B&B newbie on his very cool site, www.batman-on-film.com.)

• NIGHTWING came to a close with issue 153. I hope there'll be a copy left when I get to the comic book store (whenever that will be).

Stephanie Carmichael has posted her review on BOF and her blog is a fun read. Boy, I'm plugging everybody tonight!

• Got my advance copy of the "Wonder Woman" animated DVD (in stores Tuesday). What a treat to get for Friday sport nights at the Reflector. It was all I could not to find the nearest DVD player immediately. Can't wait to watch it. It's been getting REALLY good buzz.

• This one's for Tess (and the DC film fans): George Eads — that's Nick for you CSIers — for Green Lantern. He's definitely got the intense Hal Jordan vibe thing going.



Thanks for the shout-out, Cary! :)

Awesome---lucky you getting an advance copy of Wonder Woman! Very jealous.


Ok, thought it was just me. I was talking to a friend about the show and said I was very confused throughout the episode. I told them I saved it on DVR so that after I read your blog I could watch it again with your spin on it and maybe I would get it. Guess not! hahah....

Anyhow, I am going to watch it one more time and then attempt to get back with you on it and maybe shed some light!


Ok, the second round was not much help. Simply put though, the man was nuts. I was thinking maybe split personality but I guess he just stole the identity. Seems he hated the mother for something that happened growing up, but they never told what that was. Our imaginations can lead us to the answer I suppose. As freaky as he was, I would assume some sort of sick abuse.

Gareth... I think I like it as a person's name but not so much as the animals. Maybe the abuser had that name and he thought naming the animals and himself that would help alleviate the pain. They say to face your fear. Could be why he was trying it.

I am glad you said John Schneider. I would not have recognized him. He looked vaguely familiara but that is as far as it went for me. It was a pitiful act. My first thought was that this idiot is an actor so easy to bring up the tears. But a poor portrayal for sure.

Wendy is an interesting character. They must be testing the waters a bit with her. I think she would be great as a full timer. Must more personality and charm than Sara ever had. And I think Ray has been checking her out, along with you!

Looking forward to last night's episode. Maybe it won't make our heads hurt!

Green Lantern... thanks for that tip!