'Minty … fresh?!'

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Thursday's show was one of those episodes I enjoyed, but I'm not sure why.

Maybe it was because it kept me guessing; I never did figure out what was happening in the two scenarios, one of which didn't end up being a crime scene.

I'll give the writers this: I never would have thought of suicide by toothpaste. And who saw that incident coming up as a suicide?!

Some random thoughts:

• I'm loving Langston. The character adds a much-needed kick-in-the-pants.

• His relationship with the coroner is, for lack of a better word, interesting to watch develop. Maybe this means we'll see some more of actor Robert David Hall, whose Dr. Robbins (I always have to check imdb.com for his name) has always been underused IMO.

• Speaking of Hall, did you see the "Wheels" feature on him in the Reflector's B section several weeks ago? Very interesting> And I NEVER read the auto section of any paper. (Hall talks about recovering from a July 1978 accident in this Daily News Autos story, but it doesn't do the one we ran justice.)

• The "no food in the lab" subplot fell short. Langston would have known better. •

Although I saw the handcuffs are "fun in certain situations" line coming from a mile away, it was nice to see it came from someone unexpected. Having Phillips (did you know he's been in 149 episodes so far?) then apologize for sharing too much and Catherine thanking him for it — with a wink, of course! — was just right.

• Why wouldn't the lab have enough space so Langston could have an office? Having one off Robbins' lab is promising because it could be an opening for more of their, er, chemistry (I didn't intend that pun! — I didn't even see that one coming!), so we'll see.

Random thought: "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" is a lot of fun. The Deadman/Gentleman Ghost episode is one of my favorites so far. Schtick like Green Arrow's and Speedy's impersonation of Batman is what makes this show so enjoyable.



The unknown makes this eposide interesting. It gave me the feel of "The Departed" when I was never sure who was good or bad or what was going to happen. Generally I can about see what is coming but you are right that the writers are really starting to branch out there. I like the feel. I am sure they were thinking they have to do something to keep the "Gil" fans intriqued by the show. They certainly have done so, IMO.

I have heard of plenty types of suicide but that was insane. I can't imagine coming upon a crime scene like that and having it end up not being a murder investigation. Talk about SnM...hahaa

I didn't quite get the office space deal either. With all the others sharing Gil's office there should have been plenty of space there. Unless they didn't all have offices before. Thinking about it they never did show any of them in offices. This will bring out the relationship between the two, that is for sure. No eating in his office then either? haha

Thanks for the name on Phillips. I don't think I have ever known it. But I like his character evolving.

Excellent episode. You were right in wondering "why did I like it?". I am thinking the same thing now.

Looking forward to the next step.

There is an article in today's USA Today, in the entertainment section that talks about how the real world of CSI and the tv world differ. They talk about tire tracks and prints and how they really are not as traceable as they are on the shows. It wasn't much of an article but I did skim through it briefly.