DWTS Season 8 cast to be announced Sunday

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


ABC will progressively reveal the cast of Season 8 of "Dancing With the Stars" during its primetime shows Sunday night. Rumors, of course, continue to circulation that Donny Osmond will be among the celebs. Not that I have anything against him personally, but I'm a little bummed about that prospect. I was a little Osmonded out after Donny's Sister went all the way to the finals a few seasons back. Her iconic status propelled her ahead of more talented -- and IMO entertaining -- celebs. Her large fan base voted for her at the expense of those more deserving. With Donny comes Marie, so we'll see a lot of her this season, if the rumor is true. If we must have Donny, let's pair him with Lacy. That would add some culture clash, and a bit of drama I think. An Internet rumor said K-Fed was a candidate; another site says he wasn't. Let's hope the latter is true. Who would you like to see this season? Please share...



I've heard the rumors too and I REALLY hope that Donny Osmond will not be on this season of DWTS. I will NOT be able to take that, with the constant smiling and teeth and everything. Please let this not be true. Give someone else a chance.
I also heard a far-fetched rumor that Hugh Jackman might participate, but I don't think that this could be true because he is such a huge movie star. I WISH it were true though. I think he would do extremely well.
With that being said, I predict that Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carleton) will be part of the cast, along with Florence Henderson (Carol Brady). They both were in the audience during one of the final shows last season. I think it was a hint of things to come.
Who would I like to see? Christina Applegate, Ashton Kutcher and Enrique Iglesias. There also needs to be another boy-bander in there, and since the New Kids on the Block will be on their spring tour, I think it should be one of the Backstreet Boys :)


LOL at the Backstreet Boy prediction. How about a girl band rocker, maybe from the Bangles or Bananarama? Or, if it must be a boy band, what about someone from New Edition. TMZ had a where-is-he-now clip on Bobby Brown. Could restart a career. (And help with child support payments).

Jennifer, good guesses with Carleton and Carol Brady. If Carol gets picked, we'd need to come up with a clever label, something about her once dating Greg Brady. Endless possibilities there!


FROM CARY (thanks for the link!) - Mark Ballas and Derek Hough have proven they can dominate on the dance floor. Time will tell if they have the same hold on the charts. The Dancing With the Stars champs-turned-Ballas Hough Band frontmen are set to release their debut album, BHB, on March 10. http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/...


Searching the rumor mill, the names I found were Hugh Jackman, Sherri Shepard, and Paula Abdul. I agree with Jennifer, Hugh Jackman is just too big a star to be on the show. I would love to see him there, but would be very surprised. I also do not see Paula Abdul being part of it. I think I heard that rumored last time. I do not care for Sherri Shepard, so I hope that one is not true either.
I would also like to say "good call" to Jennifer on Alfonso and Florence. We noticed they were there a lot last season. Unless Alfonso happens to be one of Lance's boy pals, he could have been scouting out the show.
I don't have any guesses of my own, but it is always exciting to hear the announcement, even if I don't know who half of the people are.