Super Bowl trailers review

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


The Super Bowl was better than I expected. Let's not take anything away from the Cardinals; they played their hearts out. It was a much better match-up than I expected, especially since I didn't think Arizona's defense could keep up with the Steelers' O. Congrats to the Steelers. They have been a great organization for as long as I can remember. Since my 'Skins still need to figure out how to win in November and December AND the Cowgirls historically have been floundering after starting great early in the season (or after reading their own press clippings) AND the 49ers are more like the None-ers, I imagine the Steelers will hang onto the record six Super Bowls for quite a while. But enough football. I managed to catch the "Star Trek" and "G.I. Joe" (before the game — interesting tactic) trailers in real time. (my thoughts are below). "Up" looks somewhat intriguing, but it could suffer from a one-joke premise; "Monsters vs. Aliens" makes me nervous since it's 3D. "Land of the Lost"? At least Will Farrell didn't send me running to the nearest trash can with the dry heaves, like he usually does. Another bonus is he's not doing another sports-related comedy. We'll see. "G.I. Joe": This was our first look at the live-action take on the classic cartoon and what an eyeful it was! Putting it in the context of a cloak-and -dagger special ops team called in by the feds is a great storytelling decision. Sienna Miller is striking as The Baroness. The action sequences and special effects look top-notch. We got a taste of Snake Eyes' butt-kicking potential, not to mention a bit of humor with Dennis Quaid as General Hawk. ("What did you say your unit was called?" Hawk: "I didn't.") They kept Cobra Commander under wraps; Paramount can add hype by not releasing his likeness in any subsequent footage. Lots of promise here. This should be a ton-o-fun and might not be the August stinker I predicted. Yo Joe! "Star Trek": Not surprisingly, J.J. Abrams is playing the new footage close to his chest. Sure, this had a lot of the same material as the earlier trailer (here's my review), but there certainly was enough new stuff to get fans pumped. VH-1 put this trailer on its losers list, but I think they got too wrapped up in moaning about not enough new stuff. I'm guessing we'll be blown away by what we haven't seen — at least I hope. I trust Abrams. Not as good as the first trailer, but adequate for the audience that would have seen it for the first time. Although I didn't see this next one during the Super Bowl, I caught it online. (You can see all the trailers that were played by clicking on this Comics Blend link. Good Web site for you fanboys, FYI.) "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen": I had to fight the gag reflex when I saw Michael Bay's name was front and center. (Egotistical p---k.) Let's put it this way, I wasn't impressed — or curious — enough to watch it again. … Then again, I have to admit I enjoyed the first one after I grudgingly watched it. Meh. Now the fun part: What did YOU think?



I missed all this fun. I was having lobster bisque and steak on the grill while playing euchre and dice. Although I did catch some of the game, which was impressive and as you said a good match up. It was a surprise to me that the Cardinals played such a good game. They had the strengths right where they were needed. It was right up there with last year's SB.

The commercials that I caught were ok but nothing worth 3 mil. But it would take a lot for me to be impressed for that kind of money. It must be worth it as many of them come back year after year.

ericka Patout

hey... what's your source on this?