'OK … I'm impressed'

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


This episode lived up to and blew away my expectations. Grissom, who? (Just kidding!) Seriously though, "CSI" won't miss a beat with Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Ray Langston. • Nick to Langston: "… a little bread and butter crime to get your feet wet." • This looks set up; the victim knows a bit too much of what was stolen. • Langston, are we having problems getting a print? (When I covered a youth police academy in Coshocton County, now-retired Coshocton County Sheriff's Capt. Jon Mosier told the students it's important not to use too much fingerprint dust.) I was right! Nick is going to be the CSI teacher. Sweet! • Langston:"Did you catch who did it?" Nick: "Yeah, we did." Langston: "Then that's a good story." • Gotta say this: Marj Helgenbeger is hot. • Boy, Catherine is really going to miss Grissom. And I'm glad she's not going to use his office as hers. • The whole tie-contaminated-with-evidence scenes were hysterical. Fishburne has great comedic timing; who'da thunk? I guess Langston learned his lesson about dressing up when going to a crime scene. I wonder what he'll be wearing in the next episode. • Hodges: "Well, you certainly have a doctor's signature." Only he would act like he hadn't seen Langston after letting him in to be the evidence check-in clerk. The lab techs are soooo not being welcoming; I bet Langston will win them over. • Langston: "Hey, that's not necessary." Go, Langston, you the man! Way to stand up for kids and not put up with domestic violence. • Riley: "We're here to collect evidence, not be a social worker." • Langston about Hodges: "We've met." Nice eye-roll! • Langston impressed Catherine by cutting open the vic's trachea. ("Like destroying a a bicycle," says the coroner.) • Catherine "So he croaked before he got cooked." Classic! — but it got better: "So he got clocked before he croaked before he got cooked." • Who's the photographer? The contractor? I say suspect! • Catherine: "Are you sure you don't want to do this?" Langston: "No, I prefer to watch." As they both said later, "Niiiice." • And why couldn't Riley tell Langston "thank you" about the interrogation? (BTW, good acting by the kid.) • Cat fight, I saw that coming! Why did you have to break it up, Brass? • Eww! • Cool! Catherine offered Nick Grissom's office — and he took her up on it. I don't mean to be an "I told you so" about Grissom passing the torch, but … • Hodges: "OK … I'm impressed." • I knew it! • "What are you saying? Josh killed my husband?" Uh yeah — about eight bullet points ago. • "I think he decided to stage a fake break-in." I'm on a roll. • I LOVED how Langston backed away from the domestic dispute. • "A shared office." Yes, Nick, "it is a classy move." Oh yeah, the fetal pig does "belong here." • I can already tell there will be fantastic chemistry between Catherine and Langston, and with Nick, now that I'm writing this. What a way to end the episode! Too many nice touches to mention. • Awww, Grissom is still doing the voice-over teaser for the next episode.



Nice headline and a great steal from Hodges. Doing double duty on that!

I found the music to be an interesting choice during the beginning with Nick and Ray working the scene. It had an upbeat different kick to it than they normally have. I feel many aspects of the show are taking a good turn.

I like the chemistry between not only Nick and Ray but Nick and Catherine. They are really making him fit in. I like the smiles they throw between each other. It is a nice and different feel.

Not that her looks interest me but I have noticed that Catherine's character has become a bit more enticing to men. It seems in the first few years she was hotter but then had some rough ones thrown in. I wondered if anyone else noticed, but I was sure you had!

I am not sure about Riley. She did a great interview with the kid and her roles seems to be coming around but sometimes I wonder where they are going to take her.

I had to laugh when Brass was drinking the juice while they were talking about the products that give you "stomach issues" and he looked at the juice like he was scared to drink it. But down it went!

Yes, a genius you are. I have to agree with you. haha.

I was really taken aback by the kid when Langston was talking to him on the bench. I truly thought he was going to get through to him.... and then the big giant spit came. I was surprised at that.

Eckley pissed me off when he said to fill the office because there was "no room for a shrine". I understand office space issues but he didn't have to spout off about it. Give the team a chance to adjust you idiot.

The beginning with the credits caught me off guard when they put LF first. I thought maybe they would put him somewhere in the middle or at the end. Probably some political BS. Since he is starting at a Level One, I am not sure I agree with him first in line.

Finally, I like the learning they doing for Langston. They are all very patient with someone that has never been a CSI. Interesting spin to have a true newbie come in. Most of the time they bring in someone that knows it all and ends up offending the regular team members. But that is just one thing that make CSI different from the rest.

That enough blah blah blah for everyone?