Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


I’m going to try something a little different with this blog; I’m just going to give random scenarios or quotes from tonight’s episode with a very brief response or question in a bullet format.

Hopefully this will prompt more feedback – which is what I want anyway. Tell me what you think.

Here we go:

• Shoes under the brush in a public park – that’s not good. Especially not good, when those shoes belong to a live person. That’s not what I expected.

• Catherine: “That’s what you get when there’s not enough bodies to cover the bodies.” A great piece of dialogue. There sure is a lot more griping about being understaffed in the last three shows.

• Nice hat, Grissom!

• Grief counselor: “I’m here to help you through it.” Wow – I’m so pleased the writers are doing more with dealing with the after effects of Warrick’s death than in just one episode and forgetting it.

•  It’s good to see Elizabeth from “er.” I love her accent!

• “If you’re not looking, grief can sneak up and bite you.” Grissom, are you listening? Boy, was I surprised later to see Hodges go to her room for an appointment.

• Grief counselor: “You seem a bit defensive.” More like a know-it-all, chip on her shoulder attitude! Even at the crime scene, Riley says to Grissom she knows because “I’m a CSI Level two.” What a snot!

• The bodies all look very fake.

• Nick’s reaction to hearing the COD is cardiac arrest: “That’s coroner speak for I can’t explain how they died.” That is sooo true on my cops & courts beat – doesn’t everybody actually die of their heart failing technically?!? That’s not telling this reporter much.

• Grissom’s going to need to see the grief counselor; he’s obviously putting it off. His need to address his grief is evidenced by skipping a step in the lab which he wouldn’t normally do. At least Grissom handled Hodges correcting him with class – and Hodges also did it in a non-threatening way.

• Hodges: “It’s been a long day.” Grissom: “Everyday is a long day.” Doesn’t that encapsulate my theory from the last blog?

• It’s beginning to bug me that the CSI agents dissect the case like the police detectives should be. Really the lab folks should just process the evidence without expressing judgment on it.

• Jersey Skaggs: “I paint people who look like they’re dead.” Uh … yuck!?! And Skaggs – what a last name!

• He admits to “banging” his models, but not as much lately. Change Skaggs to Skanks.

• Wouldn’t the corpses smell when people find them? * Grissom: “I’ve been distracted lately.” Really?! Do tell, Grissom.

• It’s obviously not Hank the dog who has not been eating lately.

• Grief counselor: “The important thing is to acknowledge it (grief).” Well said. It’s true.

• Skaggs: “I can’t stand looking at inferior art. It sears into my brain.” What a snob!

• Blisterman: “I just don’t want to be forgotten.” Isn’t that the cry of all artists in some respect? Grissom is right; he won’t be forgotten – because he’s SICK. Yet another great last name.

• Wouldn’t the authorities use a SRT/SWAT team with the CSIs or actually go ahead of them to raid the fiber materials plant? Maybe that’s the cops & courts reporter thinking too much.

• Yay! They saved the boy! One less victim! I was afraid they wouldn’t.

So, what did you think of this “format?” For me, it’s easier to write. It might even be more blog-like – whatever that means. Does it work? Do the quotes help? They help me remember the context of the scene. Post your comments below.



Bullet points are the best. I encourage everyone to use them! That said, I like the new format. It was difficult not to read yours until I got a chance to watch last week's episode. I should be able to stay on track now!

Ok then...

Shoes~ had to jump a bit off the sofa on that one.

Griping about the OT and being understaffed is getting old. I hear enough of that at work.

Cops vs. CSI's: they have become one in the same now. I suppose there is good and bad to that. I may grow tired of simply lab shows.

Tons more fake looking than usual. Are the prop guys on strike now?

Guess they are running out of names to use. I don't know if you watch Criminal Minds or Bones but what it is with Hodges, Hodkins, Hodwhatevers... I think there are three of the staffers with nearly the same name.

It was close on saving the boy. The way it's been going I was thinking it might be the case that puts Grissom over the edge if they didn't save him.

I loved Grissom hat and diggs. But then again I sort of felt like I was at the African Lion Safari.......haahha But something about a man in a hat like that :)

Looking forward to tonight.