No sophomore second show slump here

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


I won't get into the plot details of last night's show, but the episode had me aghast at offenders' motives and their lifestyles, feeling bad for the euthanasia "victim"/husband and wondering about the ultimate fate of the girl in the third case. The usual stuff I expect from "CSI."

But it was the little moments that made the episode so good.

We've seen Catherine whip out her cell phone at a crime scene to call the lab dozens of times. Seeing her startled at scrolling past Warrick's number was a nice touch.

Another great moment was Grissom lying in bed with Sara ignoring his cell phone — for the second time. This definitely isn't like him, but the last show should have been some foreshadowing.

I don't remember the scene exactly, but there was a look of disgust on Grissom's face as he was investigating Warrick's murder. As pointed out by Entertainment Weekly blogger Lynnette Rice last week, "there was no way to foretell how much Gil's anguish over Warrick's death would truly move us."

Or how much it has affected Grissom. It's obvious his work is wearing him down.

The man, who earlier seemed to have no life outside of work — aside an interest in bugs — and would jump to a crime scene at the first sound of his pager, isn't the same 'ol Grissom.

This same feeling is what prompted Sara to leave last season; she said as much after she witnessed the husband in the euthanasia case being arrested in connection with his wife's death.

Another scene involving Grissom and Sara could have been a great moment, but instead came off as awkward.

Grissom offered his insight in the same case by saying the husband needed to have his wife leave him because he couldn't bring himself to leave her while she was in a coma. Sara's sudden line of "Who are we talking abut here?" seemed to come out of nowhere.

Thinking back on it moments later, it's obvious that's the writers' and producers' way of saying something has to give with their relationship — by way of shoving some dialogue upside our heads.

Remember, Sara even suggested they take a trip together earlier. This might be what leads Grissom to leave.

That's about as happily riding off into the sunset for such a melancholy character. Countdown to

Grissom’s good-bye: Eight episodes.



It was another good episode. I didn't know Sara was going to be on one more. I was sad for Grissom when they were in bed. Although he truly loves her, the job seems to come first regardless. But I am thinking they will continue scenes like this where he is slowly liking the job less and taking more consideration to his personal life. They showed Sara leaving and it makes me wonder if he will go for a visit and then continue to wonder what life would be like without the job, his team, and Sara. And in a few weeks, just packing up and going to find either himself or Sara.

I truly am having a hard time imagining the show without him. Depends on the replacement I guess and how he works with the team.

On another note, it seems Nick is throwing in some humor at the crime scenes. The one this week gave me flashbacks of our old pal Jerry Orbach (Lenny Briscoe). He always had a good one to throw out there at the begining especially but throughout the show. I miss the old boy.


You're right on with Grissom "slowly liking the job less and taking more consideration to his personal life." Like you, I suspect that's how he'll make his exit. Finally, Grissom is going to say "enough is enough."

I'll definitely miss Grissom, but I think Laurence Fishburne is going to be a fine addition. He will bring a much needed intensity. The transition shouldn't be too bad since his character will be in two episodes before Grissom leaves.

Like "M*A*S*H*" and to some extent "er," I think "CSI" is going to be able to survive and succeed their various cast changes. More than Grissom, I'm going to miss the Nick-Warrick dynamic.


Nick will certainly be lost without his best buddy. They were an interesting combination.

Law and Order has survived numerous changes and has still continued it's success. I am looking forward to the January show. (If that is still planned. I have not looked it up.)

Can you help familiarize me with Fishbourne?


Nevermind on filling me in on Grissom's replacement. I checked him out. As soon as I saw him I knew who he was. Guess I was just blanking out for a bit! hahah.

Anyhow, I agree he will put a different spin into the mix. I hope they are planning on making him a good guy. Many times they bring someone in and make them a jerk, especially to start. I found that with the addition of Steven Weber on Without a Trace and others than I can't come up with this time of day!