'CSI' is back, baby!

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


And what a return it was. Last night's episode absolutely was one of the strongest ones in quite a while. Top notch acting


all the way around. I could feel how heavy Warrick's death weighed on the hearts of each of the CSIs.


Let's start breaking this down: We already knew Undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen was a scumbag — and that was long before he shot Warrick at point blank range. McKeen just proved it when he gave Brass that bogus story of being "the first on-scene" and saying the getaway car belonged to Officer Pritchard.


Of course, you were the first one there, McKeen — you were the shooter!


Or as Grissom told Brass later:"The first person on the scene is the first suspect."


There was some great dialogue: McKeen: "I don't want you to think I had it in for him." Brass: "Why would I think that?" McKeen: "Maybe I'm feeling guilty."


(Cary: you're darn right you should be, you manipulating, untrustworthy, pond-scum drinking jerk!)


Warrick's death scene — what a punch to the gut. I knew it was coming, but it was well done. Loved seeing Grissom holding Warrick and pleading with him to hold on, Warrick's eyes bulging when he saw McKeen there. The clincher was having Catherine, already torn up, look like she was about to vomit when she saw the crime scene.


Nick, who had the case down early in the investigation along with Catherine, really summed up the "all-for-one and one-for-all" attitude by saying: "Let's finish this for him."


It didn't surprise me Brass said "Warrick Brown is our only case," but I had to wonder about the ethics of the CSI team and lab handling the death of a co-worker. His murder profoundly affected everyone, down to the newest lab workers.


And what a time for Sara to return! It would have been a bigger shocker if media like Entertainment Weekly hadn't have spilled those beans weeks ago.


Regardless, it was good to see her back. Having her help handle Warrick's funeral arrangement was a great show of teamwork.


There was another bit of brilliantly sweet dialogue after Sara made Grissom watch the video from Warrick's psychological evaluation. Without mentioning Grissom's name, Warrick said he wish he could have chosen Grissom, who taught him how to inspire, be inspired and be fair, as his own father. Sara: (about Warrick dying in Grissom's arms) "There's no place in the world he would have rather been. He loved you."


I don't know about you, but I was crying during the funeral scene and Grissom's eulogy. It's been a long time coming to see him lose control of his emotions. The ending had a nice touch.


Countdown to Grissom's good-bye: Nine episodes.



You certainly mentioned all the heartwarming parts of this show. I had a feeling it was going to be a good one but it was amazing how each person was completely touched by this death. Even though we knew the outcome prior to the show, how it was going to come together was the unknown and how it was going to make us (well me anyhow) was another thing. Warrick was always a favorite, I believe for the fans as well as the team.

I agree it was surprising the team was able to work the case, yet they could never have NOT let them work it and have a show that effective. Normally if one of them is involved somehow they are booted from the case but somehow sneak their way into it.

Crying during the funeral was not the only time I got choked up. From Sara and Gil, to Catherine, to Nick losing his best bud.

Little by little the team is leaving and it scares me really, to see what is going to happen to my favorite show. At least we know it won't be a funeral we are crying about with Gil leaving. But I am sure there will be plenty of tears.

Now I have to watch last week's before I read your review! Seems I am a bit behind this season.


Tess, Great to have you back! I was wondering if you'd make an appearance again. Insightful comments.

Yes, Warrick is a favorite. Now I hope Gary Dourdan can get his personal life together.