Bummed about Beach Babe

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


I had read about Misty May's injury online before tonight's show, so I was hoping it was a bit of inaccurate reporting.


Unfortunately, that was not to be. Heartbroken doesn't begin to describe what I am after hearing she had to leave the show.


When I heard she had injured her Achilles heel, I knew in my heart of hearts she was done. A close friend of my mom's had hers severed when a crock pot smashed on the kitchen floor years ago. (Just like what happened to Beach Babe, it was a freak incident.) Luckily I was downstairs. Without going into the gory details, Betty's injury was nasty.


In other words, they don't associate the Achilles heel with someone's weakness for nothing.


Gotta give it to Misty May and Maks, they handled it with class. Same for Tom, who did a fine interview. I think Maks had it right (did I say that?!?) - she was his equal in competitiveness.


Misty May was a FANTASTIC dancer. If you've seen the way she moved on the dance floor, you know why I put her in my Top Three. Until she was injured, she was Brooke's biggest competition.


She definitely would have made it to the final three; of that, I have no doubt.


Unfortunately, we'll never know. Speculation will do us no good. I did like the idea of her coming back after she's recovered to do the jive.


Hey, I'd be all for her coming back to compete in another season, but that might be unfair. (Ya think?) Then, she'd really crush the competition.


Misty May, you are a beach babe among beach babes. Your potential on the dance floor was only limited by what Max could teach you and how far you pushed yourself. You were a joy to watch. In my book, you're a gold medal dancer.


Take care. I'll miss you - as I know thousands of other fans will too. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogger. ...