BREAKING NEWS: 'CSI' gets Fish-y lead

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


The Voice is going to be The Man on "CSI."


The producers hit it out of the park by casting Laurence Fishburne as the character destined to replace Grissom.


Fishburne's character, whom E! Online describes as "a college lecturer and former pathologist who focuses more on criminals' motivation than methods," will debut in the ninth show of the season. (That's one episode before William Peterson leaves as Grissom.) Another description I read online described the unnamed character as a college professor who joins the unit as an entry-level CSI with a background as a research pathologist.


So what will that mean for the dynamic with Grissom? Producer Naren Shankar told Entertainment Weekly that Grissom "will definitely have an opinion on who this new guy is" before Peterson leaves the show.


During a teleconference call, Fishburne told reporters the scripts he had received were "really engaging, really wonderful, and kind of dark and moody... like a lot of the work I’ve been involved in."


Combine this tantalizing news with producer Carol Mendelsohn telling EW that Grissom will be "in crisis" and there'll be multiple appearances by Lady Heather and Sara, and this next season has some real promise.


Let the cat-fighting and personal angst begin! I'll still miss Warrick. I still haven't heard when the season starts, but if you find out, let me know. Tell me what you think!