Warrick R.I.P.

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


I hate it when I'm right about predicting what will happen in a show. (And here's your only warning about upcoming spoilers.)


I'm not saying last night's show was predictable, but it didn't take a large leap of logic to guess Warrick was being framed.


If any fan had read the news Gary Dourdan was leaving the show, the natural guess is Warrick would be killed off. Besides, the diner scene had that certain feeling of finality and saying good-bye.


Why is it TV writers feel compelled to kill a character when an actor moves on or, even worse, do a "special episode" featuring that person's character going out in a blaze of glory? It always seems contrived. Where's the surprise, the shock, the horror of seeing a beloved character go to the Widescreen TV in the Sky when the fans see it coming from a mile away? (We can blame the instant news phenomenon the Internet has created, but that's a topic for a whole 'nother discussion. …)


On the whole, last night's show was a good one. I had three nitpicky things that bothered me: 1) the cliche of Warrick not remembering what happened; 2) it's believable Nick would bully Hodges into telling him what he told IA, but I didn't expect Hodges to roll over so quickly (he's a pretty good rule-follower) and 3) I just wish the writers had made it a bit more surprising who the mole was.


Who couldn't guess Undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen was going to pull a gun after making a point to find Warrick in his car in a deserted alley and kissing up to him about being a good CSI? It was incredibly out of character. …


OK, there's a fourth issue.


As pleased as I was that Grissom and the gang were ordered away from investigating the Warrick case, why was Ecklie so willing to give Grissom the reports? Wouldn't that be a HUGE violation of department policy? Ecklie told Catherine and Grissom they shouldn't be where they were analyzing evidence, but all of the sudden he has no qualms with giving Grissom his reports?!? Not only is Ecklie super anal retentive about doing things by the book, he hates Grissom's guts. WTF! There is ab — solutely — no — way one investigator would distribute reports of an ongoing investigation to the supervisor of the officer being investigated.


Warrick, you'll be missed. Your death was pointless. And like you said, I sure hope the mole will be brought to justice.