'Two and a Half Men' crossover part 2

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


By my count, I've seen exactly one good episode since the writers' strike ended. And it looks like I'll have to wait for next week to see another good one when they finally wrap up the Warrick storyline with the crime boss link. (Only to see Warrick/Gary Dourdan leave soon thereafter, but let's not go there again. ...)


It's quite sad to know the preview (yes, the stinkin' preview!) was more interesting than the show itself.


Monday's "Two and a Half Men" show was hysterical and memorable. I won't go as far to say it was an instant classic, but if you're going to watch a sitcom for the laughs, that was a good way to spend a half-hour as any. Thursday's show? Not so much - and it was twice as long. I can't put my finger on it, but it seemed like the writers were trying too hard.


How, you ask? I guess I need to run-down the bad cliches they were passing off as dialogue: "A mime is a terrible thing to waste." "The clot doesn't thicken, but the plot does." Gag!


In "Two and a Half Men," there was a sense of enjoyment. The "CSI" creative team was having some fun when they normally couldn't or aren't allowed.


Here everything just missed the mark. Granted I did like the wink-wink, nudge-nudge comment of "Beautiful people doing police work. There's a TV show idea there ...," but the characterizations and their interactions weren't completely authentic. Everything just seemed slightly off somehow.


Hopefully this "Warrick being implicated" storyline will end this so-called season on a high note. Musicians and athletes know the importance of beginning and ending strong; let's hope the "CSI" crew knows that lesson, too. Otherwise, I really might be outta here next season.



Of course, I was not expecting a typical CSI but I can't believe how pitiful it was. You said it right when you mentioned everything was off the mark.

I found two things that caught my interest... First ~ the conversation about "jumping the shark" which makes me think the writers or actors are getting the feeling that is true. That would be a real downer, but if they don't bounce back it could become a reality.

Second ~ the glimpse of the boys from "Men" outside their trailer. It was fun to throw them in there. And Jake smoking the big old cigar made me laugh. Good thing because that was all that did.

So what I thought was an instant classic from "Men" would need to have been followed up by a memorable CSI. Not true at all.

The outcome of this mess....... I hope that Cary has decided to become a regular "Men" watcher. It is even better than the one you did catch. Come join the fun! :)