BBC News: Warrick actor faces drug charges

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


This is "CSI" news that breaks my heart to share.


This portion of the BBC News story released today tells us everything we need to know about the latest problems for Gary Dourdan, who plays Warrick: The 41-year-old was arrested last week after police found him asleep in a car in Palm Springs, California and appeared disorientated when approached. The star was jailed for around five hours before being released on bail of $5,000 (£2,500). The star is due to appear in court to face the charges on 28 May. At the time of his arrest, police said Mr. Dourdan appeared "possibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs". …


A subsequent search found cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and various prescription drugs, as well as items relating to drugs, a police statement said.


I had heard about this Monday from one of my faithful readers. Honestly I didn't want to believe it — and it wasn't because of where I heard it.


I just thought the announcement Dourdan would be leaving the show at the end of this season seemed a bit abrupt, but maybe his drug problems were at the heart of it. FMT put it best: "Talk about a good career going up in smoke. Sad."


Gary, just know I'm sure I'm not the only fan wishing you the best. Drug addiction is an ugly thing to handle, much less get under control.


One would think that Heath Ledger's death would have been a wake-up call (as if there hadn't been other sad stories like Britney Spears to do the same thing) for Hollywood.


Here's hoping you get yourself some help, Gary. Now.



I didn't want to believe it when I read it either. I guess when the career creates stress and you earn so much money that you can afford drugs, it is the way they choose to handle it.

Maybe we can hope for a turn around for Gary. Look at all the trouble Robert Downey Jr. got into. It took some time but now he is back at the top of his game with Iron Man and the upcoming Tropic Thunder. (Is that the name, Cary?) I am looking forward to see that one too. I was not that much of a fan in the past but he seems to have really evolved.


The statement by Dourdan gave me a little laugh. A typical CSI case but reality. "Not my drugs" Let's just hope it is true and he proves it. Here is the site and his statement, in case you didn't see it.

Obviously I certainly wish I hadn't been responsible for so many people getting to the festival's VIP area," Dourdan wrote. "And the after party, it ran me ragged, but I'm glad pulling over did prevent a DUI. I recommend not driving at all, but a little kip [nap] is always good [on either side of the road LOL]."

According to Dourdan, the drugs belonged to someone else.

"I am blessed that the Sgt. realized that the luggage carrying whatever they found was not mine and that my tests have been coming back negative," Dourdan explained. "I've been happy to cooperate in any way to clear myself and go on with my blessed life."


Tess, thanks for keeping us updated! I'd like to think they weren't Dourdan's drugs. But let's be honest: A lot of drug dealers/users say they aren't mine. Time will tell.