'Two and a Half Men' crossover part 1

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


"That may have been one of the best 'Two and Half Men' ever."


So said Joe Centers, who watches the show regularly. I've only seen clips while surfing channels and watching commercials, but Monday's show had me cracking up.


First of all, there was a bevy of hysterical one-liners. My favorite was Charlie saying to Courtney (Jenny McCarthy's character) after they found the corpse of Courtney's "father" in bed: "This might be a mood breaker."


And how many erection jokes were there? Tasteless, yes, but quite funny. ("Yeah, that's a stiffy." Charlie to Courtney: "That's not my elbow — or that, either.")


The "CSI" writers seemed to really let loose and poke fun at potentially silly situations they've had in their own show. Their flashbacks were like REALLY bad soap operas.


Charlie's grimace when the CSIers were going to break out the blue light to look for semen wasn't even as funny as the follow-up lines: CSI guy: "It's like a Jackson Pollock painting." Charlie: "The ceiling fan is kind of a cute story."


Did you notice the take-off on The Who's "Who are you?" in the theme song? ("Whoooo are you? Men men! Men men!") Or how about the writers and director indirectly recognizing they put Catherine in borderline inappropriate clothes? ("I'm findiing that tanktop awfully distracting. … Is that police issue?")


I had my doubts about how well they could pull off this crossover.


In one word: outstanding. Don't you find it interesting that this part was much better than the "Without a Trace" two-part crossover — and that series is in the same genre as "CSI"?



Ok... there is nothing worse in my opinion than a typo and I just found one I did. How about instant "classic" instead?


The episode will be a true classis. "Men" has always been one of my favorites and it is hard for me to find a sit com that actually makes me laugh. This was in true fashion of the comedy that is always there, sometimes fairly well hidden. I kept it on tape so I can watch is again in case I missed something. I had company when we watched the tape and they were not CSI fans, so some of it went by them. Jake is a real winner. Not to mention Berta requesting a cavity search.

Such an unusual gathering of minds and writers has created this unique, laughable piece.

I know neither of us are fans of Miami, but I may have to watch the crossover of Miami with NY. It won't have the fun and appeal of this one but maybe it will make Caruso livable. Then again, the promo says "the last goodbye" and shows his annoying glasses shot and broken. Before you say it, I will: too good to be true!


I have not watched part 2 yet so I am still in suspense. I have not heard any hype on it either. I did run across this YouTube video on a behind the scenes with the writers. Looks like it is the first meeting to announce the concept.


Tess (formerly FMT) :) I didn't like being called that.........hahaha