Nick, ex-Playboy bunny are going to California

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


So that's how "CSI" is doing its writers' swap with "Two and a Half Men."


That's right: Nick is making a cameo in the May 5 episode. (Can we say "May sweeps stunt"?) George Eads has shown signs of comedic chops — or at least good timing — on "CSI" so that should be a good time. It's a shame he'll only be making a cameo.


And during the same show, Jenny McCarthy returns as Courtney, Evelyn's new husband. OK, I admit it: Jenny McCarthy's a guilty pleasure. And wouldn't she be perfect to play Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend and former psychiatrist, if the character were in the upcoming Batman flick? (You had to expect I'd get a Batman tie-in in there somewhere …)


And while I'm on a super hero kick, wouldn't Eads do a grand job as the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern?


What time does "Two and a Half Men" air? I'll have to watch it or make sure I tape it. Now it's up to you: What do you expect from Nick on the CBS comedy? What will bring the Las Vegas CSIer to the California beach house?


Check out my Feb. 21 blog for the zany suggestions I had for the swap. (Personally, I thought the idea of Catherine coming out of retirement for a one-time pole dance had the best potential.) For an official bare-bones idea of the writers' swap, go to this link from the Entertainment Weekly Hollywood Insider Blog.



I think George would make a good "wing man" for Allan and he could certainly use it. Or Allan could think he was the wing man and try to help George pick up the chicas. Berta's new love interest? Would be fun to have her chasing him around the house! Too bad their Mother is in love now, George would make a great step father!

George has potential and appeal. He will be good at comedy.

Men is on Mondays at 9......

I don't think Catherine is ready for a pole dance but maybe they could bring her daughter back in. Now that she is probably growing up, maybe she could pick up where Mom left off. (What happened to her anyhow?)

With the writers from Men, I am sure there will be fun within the lab. They will have to have something about drunks, whorey men and dorky brothers who can't even get laid by a prostitute. (Did you see last week's) I swear to God, that show absolutely kills me. Nothing since Seinfeld has made me laugh like that. The perfect cast.

So, you asked what will bring them to the beach house.... probably one of Charlie's women's husbands pop by and find him in a compromising position and........well let's just hope he is not doing Sarah when Grissom arrives.

Flipping writers of two of my favorites is ingenious.


FMT, A+ for your ideas! Sadly, I don't think we'll see "CSI" getting goofy from what I read. That seems ridiculous (not to mention a missed opportunity) since the swap involves writers from a situation comedy.

Good point about Catherine's daughter. They've seemed to drop that storyline. And what about also dealing with Catherine handling her dad's murder?

Thanks for the time on Men.


It does make us wonder how much of a crossover it will be. I have not read up much on it so I guess I will be surprised. I wasn't sure if they were crossing roles, story lines, etc or just the writers taking a "stab" at comedy.

I have enjoyed other crossovers when they meld together casts. Remember the old days of Law and Order doing that? Didn't they continue to "Homicide: Life on the Street" with Belzer and the gang? Maybe that is how he got the role on L & O?