BREAKING NEWS: Warrick is going bye-bye? Say it ain't so!

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


I may not watch "CSI" much longer if it's true Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown) is leaving the show by the end of the season.


That's just depressing! (Read this account from Entertainment Weekly for details.)


What makes me wonder is how the EW story paraphrases an anonymous "insider" who says "the decision was a mutual one." Reading between the lines — and what better way to get some conversation going (hint! hint!) — but that sounds a lot like Hollywood-speak for saying there was some tension between the original cast member and producers or there was a breakdown in contract negotations.


What do you think about this wild speculation? And what's up with EW referring to William Peterson as Billy? Furthermore, what's especially up about Peterson renegotiating "his CSI deal for one more season, but for a limited amount of episodes so he can do other projects"? Who knew Jorja Fox's departure would lead to a virtual landslide of "CSI" cast escapees?


"M*A*S*H*" historically has been the only series to survive and thrive with extensive cast changes. Let's face it: "ER" started to suck after too many cast members left and were replaced and long before Noah Wyle took off. (George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Eriq Lasalle, Julianna Margulies…) I don't want that to happen to "CSI."


Did you notice all these favorite shows of mine feature initials? But I digress …


The Grissom-less run featuring Liev Schreiber was compelling. The chemistry with Nick (George Eads) and Warrick has been one of the best parts of this show. Nick's great, but his friendship with Warrick makes Nick shine.


Guess I'll start enjoying what's left right now. But without Warrick and Grissom — or very little of Grissom in season nine — there will be a huge void unless the producers choose someone with the right kind of personality and connection with the cast to take over the lab. (Sorry, Catherine, but you don't have what it takes, sweetie.)


Otherwise, "CSI" might have another autopsy on its hands: the show's.



This is not surprising news as I recall that last yr. or so, Mr. Brown and Ms. Fox were holdouts for more money and producers were calling them troublesome.


You got Caruso to a T. I don't find his speech dramatic as some say. More annoying than anything. How about "Do we have any evidence?", instead of "do we.........pause.............. have any evidence?" Makes me crazy.

Cary Ashby

FMT, You mentioned CSI:NY. I have not been watching it, although I've caught bits and pieces and love the cast. The one episode I saw seemed to not focus as much on the procedural end of things.

I watched Miami pretty regularly, but Caruso turned me off. His acting drives me bonkers; his only talent seems to be making understatements while taking off his sunglasses.



I never hear much about you and CSI: NY. Is that not part of your line up? We seem to have the same taste in shows and that is one I try to catch. Last week was good, with the fire. I am not a huge Gary Sinise fan but some of the cast is worth the watch. Same with Miami. In my opinion, Caruso could go and be easily replaced, but then again I didn't care for him in NYPD Blue.


I haven't checked out EW, but it seems Warrick's part has been lessened in the past couple of years. Maybe there will be a spin off with him and Sarah. CSI: SB (could be Sarah Brown or Santa Barbara! They haven't gotten to CA yet!

You are right, Catherine has lost her umph. We need a replacement part :)


Ok, Cary~~

Talk to me about Law & Order. I know you are a fan of the original. But tell me your two favorite detectives. They have been through so many and yet strongly remains at the top. I can not think of any other series to go through so many "changing of the stars" and continue successfully. Lupo and Green (Sisto and Martin) are growing on me and seem to work well together. But I still stay up half the night to see Jerry Orbach, who I will always miss.


Orbach's the man — always has been, always will be. I really miss Benjamin Bratt; his chemistry with Orbach was fun. Jeremy Sisto (or is it Jesse Martin?) was a good addition. Those would be my favorites.


Somehow I knew you were an Orbach fan! He was one of those guys that were gone way before they should have been.

What about Boston Legal? I like things that make me laugh and sometimes just the ridiculousness of the cases and the camaraderie between the characters keeps my interest. I read in USA Today that BL is on the edge of cancelling, along with Eli Stone (I have not caught it but have them on DVR in case spare time arises).


JEF, My understanding from the coverage of the contract negotiations was it involved Ms. Fox and George Eads, who plays Nick. I don't remember anything about Gary Dourdan being "troublesome." FYI his character is Brown; that's not his real name.