Firebug episode lacks any heat

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Are you kidding me?


THAT episode last night was what the writers came up with after being on strike? Where were their creative juices when they were on the picket lines — on strike as well? You mean I stayed up late after coming home from a lovely dinner with friends, followed by a spectacular movie experience in their unbelievable home theater (complete with recliners, dimmed lights and surround sound) to watch … this sorry excuse for a new episode?


At least I could fast-forward through the commercials …


Where was the unusual crime scenario? The cast chemistry? I can't believe I'm saying this, but what about Grissom's zingers? And why in the world would Nick and Grissom have been allowed to work a crime scene or in the lab — which has evidence that needs to be preserved — when they are sneezing all over the place?


One would have expected the creative team to come out with their A game after weeks and weeks of monotonous repeats. Maybe the writers were rusty, but … this? I'm used to going to see a movie with low expectations, but this was ridiculous.



I agree. I was all excited to watch it when I was in the perfect mood for something to keep me guessing, some twists and turns. And I got germs instead. Only thing I can guess is they were truly sick and had to write it into the plot or they would not be able to film it.

Next week will tell I guess. Hopefully the boys have not lost their touch.


It can only go up from here — I hope. Thanks for the feedback!