Quick hit reviews 3.0 (at least)

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Superherohype.com says there might be some viral marketing for "The Dark Knight" attached to "CSI." (A new trailer during Thursday's show, perhaps?) If you hear anything, let me know.


With two days until a new episode, I couldn't resist doing a few more DVD reviews:


"Justice League: New Frontier" (PG-13, 2008): The characterizations are spot on; I especially appreciated seeing Wonder Woman being a warrior who doesn't take anything from the shorter Superman.


It's especially fulfilling for the focus be on lesser known heroes to the general public, The Flash and Green Lantern. It takes a good 45 minutes before you can figure out what's happening. The ending is rather weak; I've never been a fan of The Avengers or JLA taking on sci-fi monsters. Maybe I'll have a new appreciation of the story if I read the original limited series before watching it again. Grade: B-


"New Frontier" extras: The in-depth history of the Justice League featurette includes information about comics history that even this comics guru didn't know. I love seeing so many people from DC Comics being interviewed. The "Batman: Gotham Knight" DVD preview definitely gets me even more pumped for it to be released. The three "Justice League Unlimited" bonus episodes are fun, but the final one is a definite downer when watching them in order. Grade: A


"Unfaithful" (R, 2002): I honestly rented this because of Diane Lane, who is charming in very role she does (and darn sexy), but I was pleasantly surprised by how well acted it is overall. I also appreciate how much time the director took to show how disastrous an affair can be to everyone involved. On the downside, it ran about 20 minutes long after what seemed to be no less than three possible conclusions before it actually wrapped up. I would have preferred a "keep them guessing to what happens in their lives"-style ending. Grade: B


"Bridget Jones's Diary" (R, 2001): How is it that Hugh Grant can only play a charming loser? And Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) isn't much more of a catch. This film rides on the charisma Renee Zellwegger brings to Bridget Jones. I'm positive many actresses (who are actually English) who were looking for work could have done just as well; I guess the producers felt they needed a Big Name. Fun, but forgettable. Grade: C


"The Sentinel" (R, 2006): Honestly, the features on the Secret Service are better and more intriguing than the movie. I hate when thrillers don't bother explaining a traitor's motivation. I couldn't get past Keifer Sutherland playing a variation of Jack Bauer or Michael Douglas' natural presidential charisma. It has some promise, but doesn't deliver. Grade: C+


"Invincible" (PG, 2006): This should go down as one of the greatest sports movies of all time. Mark Wahlberg puts in another great performance. The supporting cast does just as well and are believable as members of Philadelphia's working class struggling to make ends meet. OK, so it's yet another story of the underdog triumphing, but how can you not root for Vince Papale, a part-time bartender who embodies the can-do spirit of America at its best when he makes the Eagles as a walk-on? Rent this feel-good flick; you'll be glad you did. Grade (movie and making-of feature): A+