'Clue — only more CSI-er'

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Last night's episode (albeit a repeat, of course) was an absolute classic.


Unlike my wife, I could allow myself to enjoy the over-the-top premise because I knew that's exactly what it was. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more: Hodges embracing his "sad, pathetic, lonely geek kind of way" in ways he hadn't before, the CSIs overacting in some sequences (the image of Warrick and Nick sobbing over Archie's "death" was hysterical!) or Grissom embracing Hodges' "thought experiment" so seriously.


Having Nick and Catherine breaking the "fourth wall" (addressing the audience) was nothing short of brilliant. Nick's dancing eye movements were quite expressive as he subtly moved them to "direct" the camera to return to the blasting caps he was analyzing. (I'm sure it raised the female fans' heart rates a bit!)


I got a small thrill myself when Catherine shrugged as if to say she were so disgusted with the lab techs taking so long to make the appropriate logical conclusions.


Some of the moments were laugh-out-loud funny. How couldn't you laugh at Sims saying "that was bit passive-aggressive" about being the "victim" in the next scenario before the commercial break after a tift with Hodges? Didn't you love seeing Grissom being so interested in Hodges' Clue-like take on "CSI"? It makes so much sense, since Grissom is just a dork compared to Hodges' nerd. For the record, dorks are nerds who are barely more socially adept. (I plead the Fifth on how I would ever  know anything about that …)


Did you catch the "Star Wars" reference when Grissom solved one of the convoluted mysteries? Hodges: "I am a mere padawan in the presence of the great Jedi master." Grissom: "True — let's do another." Classic!