A quick, not so 'flesh'-ed out review from our local theater critic

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Reporter Aaron Krause, who has the desk directly to my right, kept saying last week he might actually go see "Curse of the Flesh" this past weekend.


During a break in the rush of getting today's paper out, Aaron said: "I saw you on-screen this weekend."


Naturally, I had to ask him how my scene was. (I had a previous obligation, then couldn't do that because of a sick child.) Aaron said "everybody laughed" when I called a detective a not-so-nice name after getting nada from him in an interview about a mysterious discovery in a dumpster. Aaron even mimicked me writing in my notebook saying the aforementioned vulgarity.


I also asked about the attendance Saturday at the Sandusky State Theatre. Aaron said he didn't "believe there was a seat left empty." H


is biggest frustration was the cast members in the mezzanine, who had already seen "Curse," who kept talking and "hootering and hollering" during the movie. (Cary: I hate that too. How rude!)


A few minutes after our interchange, our publisher Andy Prutsok walked into the newsroom holding Sunday's Sandusky Register with reporter Janet Nguyen's coverage of the premiere. "Is this your movie?," Andy asked me, indicating the Register's photo of the theater marquee. (Andy had read my previous blogs about shooting and reshooting my scene.)


After I said it was, Aaron piped in that he had seen it, calling it "very gory." Andy asked how I did. "He oozed fustration," Aaron said.


Thanks, Aaron — that's what I was going for! All that and a big laugh, too!


Now, did any of you see the movie? Did you buy it on DVD? What did you think? Be honest!


Norma Wible

Darned! Missed the premiere with the local celebrities. Double darned! Hate it when there's 2 things to do in one night.


thats it, dude