'CSI' will be back (and the quick hits keep coming)!!!

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Good news for Grissom geeks (aren't we all?)! The Hollywood Reporter is, uh, reporting "CSI" is one of 11 CBS shows that will return for the 2008-2009 season.


I guess — and you heard it here first Monday — this confirms my prediction we won't see any new episodes until this fall. Check this ew.com link for the full rundown of shows getting renewed.


I couldn't bring myself to watch the torture porn episode again (seeing the fake blood spurt onto the actress' chest was enough for me), so I'll do what now has become a weekly tradition: More movie reviews!


• "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous" — I'm a sucker for physical comedy. Tell me Sandra Bullock is in it and I'm there! Not having Benjamin Bratt's and Michael Caine's characters was a shame, but I enjoyed this one almost as much as the original.


The idea of Gracie Hart doing a reverse character development from the first film to solve the mystery — going from the Miss United States world back to being the nerdy, lovable FBI agent — was a delightful spin for the sequel. Having Gracie concerned about breaking a nail in the bathroom not-quite-a-brawl scene was classic!


I could go on and on about all the great bits (Regis, the motel bar scene, pursuing Dolly Parton), but I'll just say this is well worth watching watch time and time again. Grade: A-


• "A History of Violence" — A well acted solid drama, but one that left me wanting. If I had written or directed this, I would have: 1) Kept the audience guessing quite a bit longer before disclosing quiet family man Tom Stall's "previous life," 2) explored Tom's schizophrenia much more and 3) completely changed the ending so it focused more on his history with and/or had a dramatic stand-off with Ed Harris' slimeball character instead of Tom's need to find closure with his mobster brother.


I absolutely LOVED the ambiguity of the coda: Tom's children take their time in accepting him back into their lives and their dinner table, but what about his wife? Having Maria Bello (a fine actress, even going back to her "er" days) keep her head down and then raise it and then stare at Tom without a word said it all without saying anything. Grade: B-


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